How are your reviews going today?


Oh that means previously which is… which is… mazu?

Didn’t look it up and don’t have it burned yet. Need proof? I got street cred. (I’m praying I’m correct)

It means “first of all”, mazu. I kept missing it because of the “previous” kanji so I feel you :')


Dangit… Right like “first of all we need to get through this maze” maaan >-<

That feeling of incoming dread

I’ll figure out how to properly add gifs one day

Totally feel you. That’s been hovering in Guru for a while for me. At the moment, it’s in Master territory.

Trying to figure out how to use the platform. I started yesterday but am not progressing as much as I had hoped.

Yeah, giphy makes it sort of a pain in the butt.

Doesn’t work:

![get a grip](

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It starts slow in the beginning, but it’ll ramp up pretty fast. You need to get all radicals in a level to guru before unlocking kanji, then you need to get 90% of the kanji to guru to move on to the next wanikani level. At least use your first 3 free wanikani levels before you decide whether or not you like the site :slight_smile:


bingo bango bongo

Now I can meme in peace, ty.


I’m currently fighting with these lovely words.

感心 かんしん Admiration
感情 かんじょう Feeling
感じ かんじ Feeling
感想 かんそう Impressions

I can’t remember the meaning to the words or interpret the mnemonic wrong.

For example, 感 means feeling and 心 heart, so it makes sense to me that your “heart feelings” are your feelings.

Given the amount of items that have feeling as the main translation it’s no wonder that I feel like typing in feeling for the meaning :stuck_out_tongue:


I also managed to break my snipping tool, had to make the screenshot with the keyboard shortcut :joy:


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Man I feel you. I wish everything was like, “ME PUT MOUNTAIN AND FIRE TOGETHER, ME MAKE VOLCANO”, but unfortunately I have to engage all three of my brain cells for some of these.


My WK reviews? Great!

My grammar, on the other hand, is more like this :


I remember when I had three brain cells. Good times, good times.


は or が? Top 10 unsolved mysteries


Send me your Japanese sentences and I will determine each particle for a $5 charge.


If only that was the extent of it…

I’ve had accuracy in the 90’s so far all day today! First time in like…15 levels. This can’t last. The other shoe will drop.


I had 200 reviews today because I hit a new level yesterday so when vocab cards came around I might as well have smashed my keyboard with a hammer and hit enter because I pretty much guessed. What’s Koichi gonna do, hold me back for vocab? hahahahaHAHAHAHA

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