How and where do you learn vocab without kanji?


That’s pretty much the question, what resources do you use to learn vocabulary that doesnt use kanjis.


Well, reading. But there is also this nice spreadsheet that I get words from and put into HouHou

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Back when I started, mostly textbooks.

Nowadays, mostly exposure.

The core 10k @Vanilla mentioned is pretty good too.

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I use an Anki deck with close to 10,000 of the commonly used vocabulary.

→ [10k WK Feature WalkThru]

→ [Complete 10k]


I just read, mostly because I don’t like anki and wk +kw is already all the SRS I want to make time for.


LingQ. Their platform is good for upper-beginner and above Japanese learners. They also have a ton of other languages.
Here’s an introductory video.


I’ve recently started using Houhou properly. I just add interesting words I come across when reading / watching stuff. I worried it would build up to an unmanageable level too quickly, but that’s not the case. I rarely add more than 4 or 5 words a day (and frequently zero) so the workload remains very small.

Something that’s made a big difference to me recently is I started adding a little note about where I saw each word. Previously I’d sometimes get a word come up for review and not understand why it was there - why would I ever need this? I’d wonder - but that little context note helps me not just recall why I included it, but by connecting the vocab with an image or situation helps me actually remember the word better.


How and where do you learn vocab without kani?

It is impossible to learn vocab without crab.


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@Sedrak0071 Another option if you actually want to pay the people who made the “core” vocab deck (6,000 of it at least) that people always talk about:

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