Words made with Hiragana

So I saw this in the reading for 今すぐ

“The すぐ part, however, is a new word, meaning “soon.””

Which made me wonder if WaniKani plans on teaching me any vocabulary that are made without Kanji. I am willing to bet not, given that this website is all about learning Kanji. So… where do you guys turn to, to learn vocabulary that are formed without Kanji?

A lot (how many? No idea!) of the kanji WK teaches don’t seem to appear in the wild as kanji. They’re more commonly written in kana. I don’t know that separating kana-only and kanji-based vocab is the best way to study, but that’s me. Find a resource you like and use the vocab it provides. There are Anki decks, textbooks, regular Japanese books, whatever strikes your fancy. The Genki series is a popular starting point, and there is a ton of basic vocab there.

Seeing as its a kanji teaching application, I’d say no.

You can use that to find all the hira and kata words in the core 10k. I used it for a little, but now I just pick up stuff as I come across it. Unless you read regularly, that wont be a particularly good idea. Actually about 20 seconds ago I learned ぶる from クズの本懐’s manga

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There’s some, but they’re a pretty small amount. たくさん、そば(傍, this one) for example I both see in Kanji form often enough.

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