Honto ebooks not easy at all

It wasn’t too difficult to sign up to be a Honto member, but I couldn’t order ebooks without a Japanese phone number.
Did that with help of a friend. Next problem Honto doesn’t work with iOS.
So having bought a few volumes of Spy Family, which I couldn’t read, I switched to windows, but there was no way Microsoft would let me down load the Honto app from their website.
So not being able to use iOS or Windows, I don’t know how to retrieve my ebooks? Any help will be much appreciated!

I installed Honto on my Windows machine ~2 years ago and I don’t recall it being an issue, nor do I remember the phone number requirement. :thinking: But it was 2ish years ago.

That said, here are the download pages: ビューアアプリのダウンロード - ヘルプ - honto
I couldn’t get it to work on ipad (region locked IIRC) but it works for me on Android and Windows. I think someone told me once you can get the dmg to work on a Mac. Never tried.

This is the main Windows download page: 電子書籍リーダーのいらない「hontoビューアアプリ」 - honto

All this said - Bookwalker is a lot less painful all around, and is a favorite on this forum. I personally use Rakuten and many people use Amazon.co.jp (for Kindle) but those require more setup, more dancing around being overseas, etc. Bookwalker will happily sell you ebooks overseas, although they do hide some titles (mostly adult) if you don’t have a Japanese IP.


pocketcat You are great! With your link, I downloaded book to Windows browser, so I can actually read it but I gave up on Honto app. Thank you😅

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I agree Book Walker is much easier and I like reading with iPad, much better than windows monitor! Since Kobo and Rakuten are same company, can you download directly to kobo reader? That is my next challenge. I have been reading on kindles so long, I don’t have a clue how to read Japanese manga and books on an e reader, which my eyes would prefer?:thinking:

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I bought a couple of ebooks on Rakuten’s website (I know people sometimes have trouble with foreign credit cards there but worked fine for me a couple of months ago), and I logged into that account on my kobo and it worked fine.

As I understand it, I could also buy books at kobo’s website, as long as I’m on the JP region one and logged into my rakuten account.

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There are lots of good kobo deals now. If I buy one there will be absolutely no excuse to be lazy about reading! Congratulations getting to level 60 and writing about your meandering way there. Thanks:)

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Thank you! Glad to help. ^^