Homophone explorer

explanation is here:

The “homophone explorer” script performs some data queries internally, rather than relying on an abstraction library such as the open-Framework.
In this particular case, the URL of the API token has changed recently (around March’19). So the URL needs to be updated in the body of the “homophone explorer” script.

Long story short - edit the “homophone explorer” sources, and replace the old SETTINGS_URL value with :
var SETTINGS_URL = ‘https://www.wanikani.com/settings/personal_access_tokens’;


Thanks for this script @Thaos! You rule!

Was broken for me too - looks like the stylesheet may have changed.

To use the purple vocab background you can edit the source, jump down to about line 639 (I’ve got version 0.9.1) and change the t.liWrapper line to the below.

// time to create list item for each item
t.liWrapper = $('<li>',{'class':'vocabulary-' + homophones[readingsIndex].vocabs[i].character + ' character-item'});

Bringing this thread back from the dead, but I just tried this fix and it worked! Thank you, and thank you @Thaos also for the script!

Looks like the script hasn’t been updated so I had to select “Create a new script” from the TamperMonkey dropdown menu, copy/paste the source, and then swap out line 26 with that fix.

@Thaos : do you know if the homophone data needs to be regenerated?

I noticed that 履く and 掃く are homophones, but it does not seem to be reported by the script.

ps : I appreciate your script very much. Could you please also print the WK level of the homophones?

idem for 痛める (to hurt) and 傷める(to wound)

Have a look at http://niai.mrahhal.net/

It has synonyms, homonyms, and similar kanjis.

Here’s the result for “hypothesis”:


I followed all your instructions, reinstalled the script, am running on Chrome, turned off all other scripts, and the script on a vocab page still says my API key is not found. Any suggestions? I would love love this functionality… thanks for any help.