Something I'm missing in WaniKani

It would be perfect if WK had a feature that tells you: “Careful! This word reads the same as…” when learning new vocab.

Like I just realized a few levels later (and messed up a Burn) that 公告 has the same pronunciation as 広告. Normally, when doing reviews, you subconsciously know it, but you don’t somehow realize the comparison? If it makes sense what I’m saying

Other that comes to mind is the jisho / jiten block of words which are really messed up (though the first kanji gives it away, but maybe it’s not obvious at first).

I’m just saying, right now it’s an active individual endeavour, trying to find all the similar words and connecting them. And more of a coincidence when you do find it. I do this anyway whenever I’m studying something, not just Japanese. But a lot of times, you entirely miss this and then have an Eureka moment 1 year later. It’s much easier for memorization to find the patterns in everything, which is exactly what this would help with


Would this be of any use?

When you’re learning a word/on the info screen of a word and on the individual pages of kanji/vocab, it will tell you all the homophones (words that are read the exact same).

Unless I misunderstood you? I’ve been using it, and I find it very useful to look up one reading, and check all words that I could be mistaking it with in one go.


I’ll need to try it, but yeah that add-on could work too. thanks for the recommendation

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