Holding myself accountable

Today I am making this post to hold myself accountable and get back on track with my studies.

Unfortunately I had to take a small break from WaniKani recently due to my family moving to a new state. I came home from college around Thanksgiving (staying home until the new term starts) and in all of the excitement of the holiday, followed by the hectic nature of moving houses I lost my streak and racked up quite a few reviews. Close to 900 reviews in fact. As I am now I could be doing reviews every day, but for some reason I just haven’t gotten around to it. It eats at me that I broke this habit and I feel lazy.

I have decided that I would like to get back into the groove of things with this post. I did a few reviews yesterday and today, so my current review count is 425. I will not do any more lessons until this number gets down to 0 (not that I have been doing lessons anyway) and I will reply to this thread each day with how many reviews I did that day.

I hope that by committing myself to writing here every day I can get back into the habit of studying every day instead of lazing around. I might even continue to write here each day even after I am back in the groove of things as a sort of study log I see people do on this forum.

Current Level: 17
Current Reviews: 425
Current Lessons: 98


Go for it. Don’t beat yourself up. Just do a little bit every day, not too much. It all adds up. You know you can do it, because you did it before. Good luck!


Good luck! You’ll do great


I am in the same boat! Let’s do our best to get back on track and continue to the end :slight_smile: Happy holidays! I know you can do it! :slight_smile:


We are even similar levels, Let’s do our best!


Give it your all chummer, you’ve clearly got the drive :writing_hand:


Here is the important thing… you came back. You are going to get back to learning and you will move on. Will you fall off the train again? Possibly. But you know you can get back on anytime and we are all here to grab your hand and pull you on the train as it passes where you stand! That’s what we do here!

At my previous best, I spent 60 days straight learning kanji (on my own, no WK). Day 61 I decided to take a break. 6 months later, I was still taking “just one more day off.” That was 161 days ago. I then found WaniKani and have stayed on the train for 160 of the last 160 days. I have wanted to take a day off, just one, maybe every other week. But I know myself. If I take “just one” it’ll become “just one more” until 12 months later I am nowhere.

I want to be done with Level 60 by about this time next year. At my current pace, I think it is doable. My wife hates that I do reviews every day. Thanksgiving? Reviews. When Christmas Eve hits? Reviews. Christmas? Reviews. New Year’s Eve? Reviews. You get the idea. But I also tell her I have finally gotten on this train and if I stop now, I will stop for longer than I intend and hate myself for it. Usually she is cool with it. Actually, she’s always cool with it.

Either way, good luck and if you need a helping hand or someone to commiserate, we are all here for you!


It’s okay to take a break sometimes and just rejuvenate yourself. Don’t worry. You got this!


OK, heres today’s update.

I did 246 reviews
I have 215 reviews remaining

If I keep this up, I could be finished with backed up reviews tomorrow! Maybe I’ll have time to do a few lessons afterwards too! I’m excited to get back to the grind!


I DID IT! I did 322 reviews today and finished all backed up reviews. Tomorrow morning I will begin my lessons again and hopefully keep up my streak until I finish WaniKani.

I guess that didn’t take very long, but I really wanted to get through them all.


Woo nice job! I have been in your shoes so I feel that frustration and everything.

Good luck getting to lvl60!

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congrats! i found myself in that position before as well and ended up being super glad i managed to pull through :upside_down_face:

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Huh well its been a few months and now my reviews are up to ~1800… I’m going to try and do a little bit each day until I’m caught up, but I think my mistake last time was doing so many reviews in such a short time and getting burnt out. It’s best if I ease into it this time.



Get back on the horse!

Stay on the horse!


I know how you feel…would’ve been level 60 by next month if things didn’t grind me down to a halt, but back in the saddle now, good luck and stay strong!.


You mean someone else besides me falls off the wagon? I feel validated :blush:

In all seriousness good luck playing catch up. I’m doing the same thing right now.

That’s great. Don’t fall off the wagon again :slight_smile:

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