Hiragana input issue

The only way it will accept my answer is if I copy and paste the given hiragana under “important readings”, and rejects it when I type up the exact same characters. I havn’t run into this issue with any of the other hiragana I’ve typed in.



you are writing it incorrectly

its “nyuu”

im sure u are aware that its tedious but its not an input issue


why do you…


always make so many…


post to answer???


sorry man its an old habit that im trying to shake off but am completely unaware of ):

I see, thank you, I wish waniKani was as good about teaching hirigana as it is about kanji. learning the readings is 1000 times harder than meanings.


The Wanikani developers actually did make a hiragana guide if you weren’t aware. You can get it free on their blog:


I wasted months

Really should learn hiragana and get it down well before starting wanikani. Should use an app like lingodeer, or a book like genki to get a foothold in the door with some basic grammar and vocab.
That is what I suggest at least, ive only been learning Japanese for a few months now and still at an early level. I would wait off learning kanji until you know some the basics I think. The combo hiragana is little tricky but must learn them too, many words use them.

if its any consolation, my hiragana and katakana were terrible prior to kanji (and I actively studied them prior) but since Wanikani makes you use it, I’ve become quiet proficient at both now.

just make sure when you are comfortable with hiragana to switch to the katakana input for katakana practice


I can pound these out in under 90 seconds now


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haha just made a mistake similar to yours so i guess we are in the same boat

WK asked for the meaning of "三人” and i entered "さんいん” instead of "さんにん”

The difference will become necessarily clear when you get to words like 自由 (じゆう), freedom, vs say 十 (じゅう), ten. Having the い sound in there matters sometimes.

Wait til you have to mess around with stuff like 一ヶ月。Fun times ahead.

Please read the FAQ and the Guide.

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