Slight Interval Randomization + Sentences?

Hi! Couple of suggestions, one small, one big.

It would be super nice if the SRS intervals were not EXACTLY the same all the time. Like instead of a fixed 24 hour interval, it’s random between 22-26. The goal of this is to allow for some spread of the reviews. As it stands, I get a huge percentage of my reviews all on the same two hours. It’d be nice to have that spread a bit.

Second, it’d be nice if there was a “reading” mode where the context sentences that contain vocabulary you’ve Mastered+ would randomly show up and you can try to read them, then click to show the translation. Not as an actual progression, but just as a way to have good kanji sentences to practice with. I feel like there are so many good sentences in the vocab that I only ever see when I first add them.



I love the way Anki does this

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