Help with particles

Where the question is 何曜日に日本語のクラスがありますか。Would you answer 水曜日があります? Or にあります? Or something else entirely?

It would be に

But just a note, a クラス in Japanese is a group of students, not a lesson.


ありがとうございます。Yeah it’s just a question from the genki I workbook. Do you know of any non genki sources that explain particle rules a bit more?

Some websites that teach grammar or have more info are Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide, Japanese Stack Exchange, Imabi, and Maggie Sensei :grin:


The important thing to remember is that the particle belongs to the word it is placed behind, and decides the part of speech for that word.

So in your question 何曜日に 日本語のクラスが ありますか。I would grooup it like this.
Then since 何曜日 got に as the particle, in your answer 水曜日 should get the same particle. It is playing the same role/part of speech in the answer.

が on the other hand, belongs to 日本語のクラス, the subject, which you could put back in your answer, but is usually omitted because of context already established.

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