Help needed with word order and particles please

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I’m working through みんなの日本語 on my own. There is no answer key for the last few questions and I’m confused about the word order and particles. If you’re able, could you please let me know if I’m anywhere close. Thank you :blush:


So, one of the tricks with Japanese is that word order doesn’t matter. In English, word order defines the function a word plays in a sentence, but in Japanese the particles do that, so as long as you keep the same particles with the same words, you can arrange the sentence however you like. Though within reason - topic/subject goes near the start (though in casual usage it can come right at the end, after the verb), and if your object gets too far from the verb, it can get hard to follow along when listening.

Particles look fine. I reckon I’d use に instead of へ for 3-5, though. (Also, I somewhat suspect the 金曜日 picture is meant to be depicting まつもとさんの家 or somesuch.)



You’ve got most of it. :slight_smile:

Number 1 is not wrong, as that’s what he did, or at least what we see. But based on the clock and the moon, I’m pretty sure they want the time of day in the sentence.

You’re just missing a letter in 2, 行きませでした。

In 4, まつもと isn’t a place, but a person, so you’d be going to their house.

In general, your word order is fine, but as Belthazar said, it’s not super important. Though I’m pretty sure MnN does people, vehicle, place. As it sounds more logical based on importance/order of events. But again, this is basically me finding meaning in something that is not a rule, afaik.

へ is what MnN uses at first.

If you have any further questions, I’m pretty used to MnN, so feel free to reach out. :nerd_face:


Well, I mean, it kinda is. Just not in this diagram. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes I hate knowing there’s an answer key for things because posting a question on a forum seems like a good chance for a better learning opportunity.

That being said, you probably didn’t notice that MNN’s answer key has another section. You probably only looked at the 練習answers. The last half has the 問題 answers. In this case, page 30.


Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure about the まつもと.

Thank you :blush: I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll Take a look.