Help! need to make simple text-only kanji lists

Hi all,

This is a simple task but for some reason I cannot find a simple solution for this… I need a list of all wanikani kanji, grouped by levels, stripped of all info (translation, reading, etc) - just kanji in a text string. Like this:
公 表 初 決 期 章 苦 乗 暑 新 列
I can’t find a way to get those without cleaning them up from tons of other code :frowning: I am sure the API can return those but I am not a programmer enough to do it without spending hours on this task.

Appreciate your help!

Insert your API
Done :slight_smile:


Thanks!!! I had that one in my bookmarks but for whatever reason it doesn’t work for me now… I tried chrome and ff - no luck! But after your comment I decided to also try it in safari and voila! it worked!

Strange, it always works on Chrome to me… Well, great that you got your problem solved :slight_smile:

It should work in Chrome and FF. Have you changed your API key?
I’d recommend clearing localStorage. Press F12 to open the developer tools, click on the Console tab, paste the following command and press <enter>:

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Yes! That did it! I haven’t changed my API… so I am not sure what happened.

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