Help! A mnemonic to distinguish 頁 vs 負

Creating mnemonics has been so helpful when I have two similar kanji and can’t remember which one is which, but my mind is blanking on this one. I’ve done a quick google but can’t find anyone else struggling with these two kanji, so I would super appreciate any help with creating a way to decipher them.

An example of a mnemonic that worked great for me; 石 vs 右 - The kanji for stone has a flat top like a smooth stone.

Hmmm I’m not sure exactly how you’re approaching this. I’m guessing maybe you’re not using radical mnemonics and just memorizing by sight?

So how about this:
頁 is like a little shellfish with perky antenna on its head

負 tends to mean lose/defeat…so the shellfish is sad and its antenna is droopy.


This is pretty good! Thank you.

Yeah, my husband and I are both working through wanikani at the same time and the radical mnemonics work for him, but not often for me. I think I just process information differently.


I can understand that.

Also, your instagram pictures are absolutely stunning :star_struck:!!


Oh! Thank you so much! :smiling_face: It’s been a little abandoned this month thanks to the awful weather keeping me inside.

頁 seems to be a pretty rare and niche kanji. Is wk teaching it? Or just as a radical?

For me, 負 is “prison clam will lose”
頁 – is geoduck, which, for a long time, I thought was some geodesical tool, like a theodolite. It even looks a bit like a theodolite. It turned out not to be the case, but by that time I’ve already managed to memorise it. :sweat_smile:

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It is on WK, and yes it is on the rare side, though I saw it in a thing I posted the other day (left side of the page).


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