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Has anyone listened to the C2 Japanese lessons on HelloTalk? I think they may be produced by JapanesePod101. Is it me, or does it seem more like B1(ish)? (It been a while since I sat the C2 English exam)

Does anyone know of some good podcasts to listen to? I’m not at a C2 level… more like an intermediate (B1~B2).

As a native English speaker, I don’t know what any of those levels actually represent in terms of proficiency/fluency. :upside_down_face:

Can you share a link or something to the resource?


It’s a standard developed by CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). As such, there is no standard comparison to Japanese language proficiency level. Any language school or online course can call their material “C2” or “B2” or “C1” based on their own assessment of it. By contrast, if you’re teaching Spanish or German or French, you can’t just assign a CEFRL level willy-nilly to your course, because you’re going to run afoul of Instituto Cervantes or Goethe Institut or Alliance Française.



It’s on an app I’m afraid, so I’m not sure how I would get a link for it :frowning: .

Which made me wonder why the app doesn’t just use the JLPT levels as an indicator…

Oh yeah, I forgot HelloTalk doesn’t have a proper website.

According to the website, HelloTalk is an app to “learn a language by chatting with native speakers”. Because JLPT doesn’t test speaking, it’s probably a bit odd to say that chatting with a native speaker is JLPT preparation.

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I was thinking of them more like a rough level guide of the concent :), rather than preparation for anything.

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