Anyone tried the JPT? (not a typo)

(As the title says :slight_smile: ) Anyone tried the JPT?

It seems to go up to a level similar to that of a C2 (CEFR).


I’m surprised they’re allowed to use the name 日本語能力試験. That’s what the JLPT is called in Japanese.


Yeah, me too! At first I though I had just read JLPT wrong :).


Weird, down lower on the page, they have it listed as 日本語能力検定試験 (tossed a 検定 in there).

Still confusing, because 日本語検定 is a different test of proficiency intended to be taken by native speakers. (And if you try to talk about the JLPT to natives who aren’t very familiar with how foreigners study Japanese, they might assume you mean this test, which is way harder than the JLPT, haha)

But at least that wouldn’t be literally the same as what the JLPT calls themselves.

But I guess there’s only so many names people can give to tests.


Yeah, I have had a look at 日本語検定 too (As a new goal).

I have a friend that has C2 (CEFR) in English who took the exam I posted. According to him this test is a similar difficulty. So it seems like a good aim for people after JLPT.

Very true!

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I’ve heard a little bit about it. I know that a C1 is pretty close to the N1 in terms of difficulty, so the C2 is harder. It is at least definitely legit/not a scam. There are even select language schools in Japan that focus on it.

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Unlike the JLPT, it’s a scaled test, which means it covers any level from N5 to N1 (and potentially above) so in that sense it’s not the next step to the JLPT N1 as the overall score will indicate the proficiency level, whatever it may be. It’s comparable to the TOEFL or IELTS that are the same for all levels and whose scores indicate the candidate’s proficiency.

The biggest difference to most other proficiency tests would be that it doesn’t have any free production tasks, which means that it doesn’t really measure the candidate’s communicative ability contrary to the claim on its website.

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