Has anyone tried Rocket Japanese and know how far is the JLPT N5 level?

Hi everyone,

While learning Japanese I’m finding I’m not exactly doing great in the listening, I largely use Lingodeer for study, Kitsun.io for SRS and Wanikani for SRS Kanji. So far so good, and learning a lot.

But I want to supplement it with Rocket Japanese for listening, as its a little less passive (I can listen while in the car, or on the way to work). Anyone know what level JLPT N5 would approximately be for it though? And if you know whether it can get into the JLPT N4 area?

Thanks so much!

Quoted from the link:

The Rocket Japanese Premium covers all the essential grammar that you need in order to speak confidently with a Japanese person. There are approximately 800 words/vocab for the JLPT level 4. The RJ Premium does cover most of these words, however, since the course is not based on the JLPT, there are some that have not been introduced.

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Rocket Japanese has been updated this year and added a bunch more content to make it line up with the JLPT. They claim level 1now covers all of N5, and level 2 and 3 covers all of N4.

My experience with Rocket Japanese has been great. Just finished level 1 and find it to be a very nice compliment to Wanikani. I do recommend making your own Anki deck out of all the vocab and sentences from the course as you go. Adding SRS of the rocket Japanese content really helped me advance quickly and retain the information from the course.


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