Hello need advice

Guys I am new in this and I want to learn as fast as possible …what do u suggest I should do to lean more efficiently and fast :blush::blush:

Check out the FAQ before someone snarks at you!

But for realsies, welcome!


Welcome! Like Chellykins said, the guide and the FAQ are amazing if you haven’t checked them out already! Be aware that what’s most important is to make sure you know what you’re learning, rather than just trying to cram everything in. SRS does a great job of balancing this, so you’ve come to the right place!

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Keep in mind that WK is only one tool to learn the readings and meanings of Kanji. It’s not meant for vocabulary, speaking, or grammar. Although you will learn some vocabulary as a default while you learn how to read certain Kanji.

The forums are good for tips and discussion beyond what wk teaches. It’s best to also use other sites/tools for all the different aspects of learning a language. It’s up to you to research and find what works best for you.

This subreddit can be helpful: https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/

Welcome Msore! Glad you could join us!

This is my second time doing wanikani. And I am having more success with it the second time around.

While acknowledging that we are all different as language learners, I’ll mention a few things that are helpful for me.

  1. Do wanikani everyday. I notice that my memory is much better and I’m better at keeping up with everything if I commit to working on wanikani at least once a day. Everyday I wake up, make coffee, and do wanikani. That’s the time that works best for me.

  2. Focus on your review first. Don’t allow these to build up too much. And don’t try to do too many lessons at one sitting. I’m at level 5 and suddenly like 45 lessons were released. Rather than tackling these all at once, I did 10-15 at a time over a couple of days.

  3. The last one might seem kind of odd but it’s helped me a lot with my motivation. If there is something that you try to avoid doing, do wanikani when you are avoiding it. This is a kind of productive procrastination.

  4. Not sure if you are new to learning Japanese or just new to wanikani, but once you get to a high enough level, read Japanese everyday. I read at least one article on NHK New Web Easy or s short story from a graded reader every day. This allows me to see kanji that I’ve already learned in context, and also helps me to become familiar with kanji I haven’t learned yet.

Anyway, this is the system that has been working for me. Hope some of this helps you.!

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