Hello Everyone, new to the site

Is this site still active? Would be nice to know some people.

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Still Active? This site is more lively than a headless chicken running around

Well, its a hyperbolic statement, but at least we all still actively posting. You are more than welcome to join us in any of the thread.

Have fun


Where do I know this gif? From a show?

John Travolta in the 1994 black comedy crime film Pulp Fiction

Note: I havent watched it yet

Amazing thread so far.

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Hmm, I’m technically more sedentary. But hopefully that doesn’t make too bad a first impression. Welcome new person who is possibly a frozen waffle!

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Hasn’t seen Pulp Fiction

That’s impossible!!!

Welcome (no bamboozles)! Here’s an totally relevant anime gif.

Ok, I actually wanted to make trap jokes, but this character is actually trans.

Edit: Seriously, watch Pulp Fiction.

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Thats pretty much not long from when I was born. Im one of the younger side here.

So… should I watch it?

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Hmmm… to be honest, I’m not one of those people who thinks “You HAVE to see this movie!” or whatever. It was pretty good though :stuck_out_tongue:


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Yes. Yes you should. If you don’t mind TOTALLY AWESOME movies told in a weird order and full full full of violence and expletives. In a very good way.


He has very feminine balls

Well this thread went off topic quick (actually it took a normal amount of time)…

Welcome! And good luck!

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This website is deader than Hitler

In other news, Hitler was found alive today


This is pretty much the type of thread I expect from these forums lol

(Also welcome!)

no, that’s pewdiepie you’re thinking of. common mistake, don’t worry about it!

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If he was, I’d like him a lot more…

But noooooo… he’s just an edge lord.

i love him and marzia so much… ; - ; i wish i could be as pretty and talented as her ; - ;