Possible film concept : Wanikani the resurrection

So… I am travelling for a long time, and forgot to set vacation mode.
I just recently became motivated to start reviewing again, and have managed to work my way from some 1400 reviews down to only 1000, in a few days.
Go me!
But, for the vocabulary, I’m finding there are lots of burned kanji that I’ve simply forgotten… So I’m resurrecting them as I go… The increase of a few more on top of 1000 is small really.
Though, it made me think, maybe this could be the theme of a new film… The ever increasing review pile, that grows by the number of kanji you got wrong in a vocabulary word…
Maybe we could come up with the original too, the review piles do grow even before the burning…

Wanikani: Turtles gone wild
Wanikani: Catching fire
Wanikani: The resurrection

Ideas could include the dreaded return of Mrs Chou, and her arch enemy Hard Gay…

Does anyone else have any fun titles or themes to include in the great Wanikani film compendium?


Koichi’s misadventures should be in there as well, like how he tries to get rid of the one ring, but first he has to defeat a cyclops.

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Game of Kanji




Officially a good day now.


For story boards, we could use images from the mnemonics threads!

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