Hello, 👋 we are starting a new Book club on Discord/Clubhouse for Full Metal Alchemist! (Beginner/Intermediate level))

Hello! If anyone is interested in practicing their spoken Japanese in live readings on Discord–maybe Clubhouse too–we plan on doing live quick readings for Full Metal Alchemist. We don’t really assign roles, we just show up on the Discord channel at the stated time and figure out our roles. Right now we are thinking to do this on Friday’s at 7 PM EST. If anyone wants to join or is interested definitely leave a comment and I will answer back.
I would assign the difficultly as Beginner to Intermediate, but do not worry during readings we will discuss and if you are at a lower level we plan on helping you with translations. The plan is to do a dry read through in Japanese only, and after translate assigned lines into English. If you are interested, start dropping some comments here or in the Discord server. Other suggestions or ideas are also welcome!

this here will be the discord :point_down:

EDIT - Start Time 10.22 at 7PM EST (still discussing time, might change to 6PM EST)

you can purchase the book on Amazon or Bookwalker

Of course you can also buy a physical copy at Kinokuniya if it is in your area.
Anyway, we hope to get this started as soon as possible on a Friday 7PM EST either this week or next! Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated.

I really look forward to it, and I hope some of you do as well. Thanks.


You can also try the first three chapters for free (along with the first two chapters of volumes two and three) on the publisher’s website:


I’ve never done something like this before so I’m a bit nervous about it, but I think I definitely need a lot more reading out loud practice and this seems like a pretty good idea. (Plus I’ve been putting off reading the FMA manga for years now.) If we’re interested than we should join the server?

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This sounds quite interesting! Is there any chance of a second date/time? In case we live 7 hours ahead… :sweat_smile:

yeah, join the server and it may be this Friday or next that we start! It’s very casual so you don’t need to worry. If there is something you don’t understand we are there to help.

Probably move this to Reading section?

7 hours ahead is rough, I think we can push it up to maybe 8 PM EST, but I’m not sure if that helps you? Different timezones definitely does make things more challenging so sorry for that in advance

I’ve just realised that you wrote EST and not CST so I am actually 6 hours ahead :sweat_smile:

If the live session started at 5 or 6 EST it would be a bit easier as it would be 11 or midnight where I am but no worries. I’ll try to make it, whatever the time is. And if not, have a great session!

We are a pretty chill group and just kinda go with the flow so no need to be nervous. I’m definitely still learning a lot and get help when translating when needed. I enjoy it a lot tho and I hope you do too!

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So we might be able to change it to 6EST, we’ll discuss it further in the Discord server.

And yes for me this reading will be a step up in difficulty, so expect many mistakes :sweat_smile:

Hi guys! I would love to join the discord channel, but the invitation seems to be no longer available! Could you share again the discord invitation? :slight_smile:

hopefully this doesn’t reach you late Discord

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