Online video call/voice call Yotsuba channel on Discord

So this is an online video call/voice call channel for Yotsuba on Discord. FullMetalAlchemistブッククラブ
.What we do is role play and read the lines out-loud video video call or voice and translate afterwards. Usually, we will read 1-2 pages in Japanese and then translate or give our interpretations. The club is currently mostly beginners but we are definetely looking for advanced learners to be moderators or really correct the role playing. Please join if you are interested. Right now we are doing VOL.1 CH.1 of Yotsuba we can use any support! thank you for considering us!


We have readings too, on the unofficial WaniKani discord. Actually, this week’s reading starts in an hour.

We’re on volume five, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh well what we do is a little different, but mostly the same. We try to have webcams on and role play in real time. We try to get in character etc and judge that as well. Iunno but it might be a little different. Will try your link.

But, We are solely just focused on one thing. Yotsuba. Please join if you want just one book club. Love Wanikani and other discord channels, the difference with this channel is it is focused on just one thing. Just Yotsuba. Just video calling and acting for Yotsuba. If you want to join please do. Also please do join the other discord server.

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We have a channel for Yotsuba, and most people there only care for Yotsuba too. :thinking:

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Ill try yours you try ours?

When’s yours active? Is there a schedule?

yes we usually do Tues and Fri 8PM EST. Great if you check us out.

Getting into character for Yotsuba herself sounds awkward. Isn’t she like… 5 years old?


yes, it makes for good practice for people who don’t know the language. Do you think it’s a problem?

Not a problem. Just seems awkward having adults impersonate a 5 year old. :laughing: To each their own though. :slight_smile:

Hey, leave Foxu alone! :eyes:


Not at all. On the (unofficial) WK Yotsuba weekly live reading, Yotsuba is played by Foxumon, the creator of a wonderful ongoing series of Yotsuba study videos (it’s what Kazzeon is referring to in the post above) and she is amazing! Really, if you want to hear Yotsuba come to life as a real character, tune in to the weekly live readings, you’ll love it. And not only Foxumon, everyone who takes part brings so much talent and enthusiasm, it’s amazing.

(I’ve missed the last couple as my Japanese studies underwent a total meltdown, but I miss it!)


Yes, as are we.

There was just one, until you set up yours.

No problem at all with having two clubs, the more the merrier, I think it is great and wish you all the best with it, but if you only wanted one, you should have just joined in the one that already existed!

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I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding in this whole thread. The reference of one book club was meant to be about a focus on よつばと and not other books. Which meant that there was also a misunderstanding that you werent just a book club on よつばと。it sounds like the two clubs are very similar except the current one sounds a little more advanced and have multiple people participate in reading or listening via voice where the focus of this new group is for beginners to work on pronunciation and interpretation via video.



Hence why you’d like a higher level learner to provide guidance and corrections I suppose?

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Yes, that is correct.

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Well, in that case, can I suggest you take a look at the current group and see how the thread is organised there, and do something similar and just call it “group 2” or something?

One of the most useful things for everyone is to have a clear schedule, clear links, and a time format that works for everyone! There is a fancy feature in the toolbar above as you write your posts here that gives you the chance to show a date that works for everyone’s time zone…

Take a look at it in the OP of the current group.

Thanks. I’ll check it out. The suggestions/tips are much appreciated.

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Example on the date format (would be Tuesday/Friday next week):


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