"health" is recognized as a meaning for 康

I don’t think I got the “little bit off” toast. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if there are “hidden synonyms,” but anyway I’m reporting this in case it actually is a bug.


There is a hidden whitelist, so it’s probably that.


A long time ago, it used to be meaning that WK used. Not sure if they intended it to be on the whitelist permanently or only for a while.

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Hello @TofuguJenny,

I have joined WK some time back, certainly when 康 was still ‘health’. ‘Health’ was added in the whitelist, maybe to avoid disturbing the review of old users, or maybe because ‘health’ is valid as a secondary meaning.
Can you please comment and clarify ?

Thanks a lots, sincerly

Hi omoide! “Health” is indeed a valid secondary meaning for 康 (see its kanjipedia entry), but we try to keep visible meanings to a minimum, especially for kanji, which is why we moved it to the whitelist when the more common meanings “ease” and “peace” were added :slight_smile:


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