Have you leveled up in February? We need your help

raw order function now on sheet 2 cell F1 for future use

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Next year, I’ll know better than to follow some uncrabigatorly durtle ghost into a dark pit of madness.


The beginning and the end are both D letters. So it makes this text kinda go in the circle. Maybe we need to start from the different word…? :thinking:

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And now, we wait…

Or maybe this is the password that does not end. Yes, it goes on and on, my friend.


Why does your wanikani give your a sakura tree for leveling up? Is mine environmentally unfriendly?

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Userscript. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or it just confirms the first letter being D. let me hope


If anything, I think Durt We Burn should be moved to the bottom. It has not been connected to the complete story yet, right?

I think it’s the beginning of their descend, isn’t it?

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the level 60 hint suggests that only entries after entering B1 are out of order

"Kindly take what I’ve written in this journal and look to each and every other line.
Disciples of the Crabigator should not trust the order of my entries after our arrival to Durtle Heaven, for that is when I believe the madness set in.

Signed Yours Truly,
Captain Bottomfingers."

e: and level 17 marks the entrance to durtle heaven

“Read my journal to learn how we succeed or fail.
Included from here is our story, starting from our arrival to the entrance of Durtle Heaven.”


Yeah good point.

EDIT: Wait but why would it make sense to put Durt at the back then?

Because eGoooott:DDD
Just because Durt is the word you can put anywhere, and I was out of ideas:DD

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ok I added a new similar function to this that fills in a lot more of the guesses/uncertain letters… and also (i think) is better at keeping the strings properly separated. previously the “FOREVER” kept falling on the wrong side depending on many spacer rows were in the spreadsheet

i kept the old function just next to it, in case this new one is secretly worse :stuck_out_tongue:

current output:

current raw condensed:

edit: raw uncondensed was missing the final d because i set the range 1 too short :frowning:


Ah, finally. My first level-up e-mail!

“Quench my blade’s thirst, Dingle will! Dingle! Dingle! Uncle Brodo is here for a visit!”
“No, we should plan this out first,” I said. But it was already too late. Ugly Brodo was walking towards Dingle with his sword drawn.


Mine too!!



here’s a bruteforce of possible combinations with the coherent story parts in order:


brb as i scroll through all 800 possibilities :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sezme congrats on 60 :slight_smile:

@Belthazar i was really troubled with finding yours in the spreadsheet because your forum level is still 36 :frowning:


If that’s indeed the password, then the logical solution is


Only NN??WW is uncertain. Check sheet 3, it has details on how I got there.

I got this email, is it of any help?:

Hi bacci_j

Yay! You made it to Level 7! :confetti_ball:

Oh no. You made it to Level 7.

Level 7 reminds me of that scene from Yojimbo where the nameless samurai ronin, played by Toshiro Mifune, is walking down a much larger group of thugs.
The thugs are your reviews and you’re the Yojimbo. Do you know how he was able to succeed? Well, I should let you watch the movie (it’s really, really good!). But, basically he worked hard and persevered through a ton of pain.

In a way, that’s how you get through Level 7. Feel free to be methodical about it and slow down if you need to, but now’s the time to embrace the difficulty. Be like the nameless samurai and cut your reviews down one at a time with an almost businesslike attitude (and maybe go watch the movie after).

If you run into trouble, you can always call in reinforcements, though. That is, email us and we’ll help you out.



Do you think WE refers to us the crabigators or the durtles?
normally crabigators burn and rise but do not descend
durtles burn too i guess and descend.