The feels so far

Hey everyone! I don’t post much, and often forget about the forums. I guess I am a loner of sorts, anyways…

I’m really enjoying the WaniKani system so far! It seems to be working, and I am recalling things. Often I find myself remembering but not remembering WHY I remember it. It just is there when I get the prompt. THIS FEELS REAL GOOD.

I’m still only in Level 2 but I can already feel the WaniPower building inside of me. TurtlePower? Who knows. Just thought I would check in and let y’all know how I’m doing.

How is everyone else?


The Wanipower builds inside us all at some point. This is a sign that you’re progressing, young grasshopper! Enjoy level 2 while it lasts…


Turtle Power!

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You need them to be dead (ideally burnt) for this to be accurate. Might you have the same picture but with the turtles in the burn ward or in coffins? :thinking:


I do not… But I can Photoshop them burning when I get home in a week…

I’m hitting a slog-feels patch. I’ve had them before with this program– it always seems to be specific random levels– 7, 12, 19, 23, 25, 33, and now again. Well, just gonna have to power through!

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(well I mean they’re not technically burnt, they’re on fire)


Hello my name is Noor and I’m new here.

Hello. My name is not Noor, but I also am here.

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7 is a depressing level with so many death-related kanji and vocab…
Obviously I can’t say anything about those others yet, but I’m glad I’m done with 7 :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah, and it didn’t help that I was reading this article about lonely deaths in Japan at the same time that I was doing level 7.

You are a hero

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I’m also here, and not Noor, but saying hello. Looking forward to eventually killing some turtles.

Keep going!


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