Haruki Murakami short stories

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows where to read Haruki Murakami short stories online for free? I don’t want a PDF version, because I would like to use yomichan. Otherwise, I might purchase an epub of his short stories. Thanks in advance!

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Sharing a free copy sounds illegal. :wink:

I’d recommend buying the official digital version. If you want (and have the technical know-how) you can convert it to HTML afterwards so you can use Yomichan.


A lot of time short stories by famous authors are floating around online, so I thought I would ask. Sorry if I didn’t make it clear that I wasn’t asking for someone to share a copy with me.

Posting links to illegal content is also against the forum rules.

Before you post, make sure that everything is legal. We don’t want anything illegal to be shared on the forum, like illegal manga, shows, learning resources, etc. Any illegal activities will not be tolerated.

How about visiting a library and borrow some books by Murakami for free. :slight_smile:

It’s a perfectly reasonable question - we had a book club right here on the forum reading Ogawa Mimei’s short stories and said stories were available online completely free. The citing of forum rules is completely unneccessary, just answer the question - “here they are” or “unfortunately, they’re not available online”.


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