Best site for reading manga ...?

hi! do you know what is the best site (free) for reading manga in japanese.
and what manga do you recommend for abslote begginers.

Before anyone starts posting illegal sites I’d like to point out that doing so is against the community guidelines


well i guess you can answer the second question then.

Comico, which is an online daily serialization magazine and the manga are free to read

You could also check out the free (無料) section on manga sites like ebookjapan:
^some are free to read for a certain period of time, some are free to download and keep forever

As far as recommendations go, よつばと! is a popular one, it has its own discussion threads for questions here on the forums, as well as other suggestions like Shirokuma’s Cafe (currently being read by the Absolute Beginner’s Book Club), Chi’s Sweet Home, etc

There are varying levels of Japanese book clubs here, I’d recommend checking out the Master List of Book Clubs here to see what’s been done/ongoing to see if you want to jump in, or even checking out previous nominations at the different levels (i.e. Absolute Beginner’s or Beginner’s book clubs) to get ideas for suggestions

Happy reading! :books::crabigator:


Anyone want to give a paid manga online site then in Japanese?

Here’s a resource guide which includes links to sites where you can buy ebooks. You could then read the books you buy on the site you buy it from and sometimes on phone/tablet apps.


There are free legal websites. The one @MissMisc posted is an example.

I also like the selection on comic newtype.


I know, it was just a warning


I’m very inclined to go for the free resources a lot of the times too, but honestly when you start reading in japanese your pace will be so slow… :snail::snail::snail::snail:, that whatever money you spend on manga or books will give you lots … and lots of hour of entertainment and learning. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could try EbookJapan for example (and follow this guide to go through the process of buying).

That been said, pairing up whatever resources you decide (paid or free) with something like Kaku (OCR app for Android) sure will make things a bit easier. Here, Tofugu made a review of it too. :+1:


Nice one @Kumirei.

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Also, yotsuba& gets recommended a lot, but I don’t really understand why. I feel it’s quite hard for beginner.
ふしぎねこのきゅーちゃん, on the other hand, is really easy to read, and is available for free online:


Agreed! I read it daily. Along with almost every other manga on that site. My favorites are トモちゃんは女の子 and 妄想テレパシー. As for easier content,あ〜んちゃんのあ〜ん seems to use fairly simple grammar and not a lot of hard words.


I felt the same way when I unknowingly tried to read Yostuba& based on the suggestions of people on the forum (back in the day).

I think this happens because it’s something that people hear about, regardless if they’ve verified the information themselves or not, so it gets suggested. I don’t think people do it to spread misinformation, I simply think they just take the word of the source they’ve gotten that information from.


Um what is on the cat box in the first article? I am super bad at reading handwritten Japanese, so I can’t tell what some of the characters are hahaha…

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please pick up

Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the て

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