Handling Wanikani with other resources

WaniKani was my most important resource for a long time. This led to pretty funny situations in which it was easier to recognize obscure words such as 閣僚 (WK level 29) from text than to understand a sentence like 「今朝は寝坊したからバスを乗り遅れた。」

At the same time I hadn’t made much use of other resources. Being over level 40 in WK without finishing Genki 1 was unbalanced to say the least. About half a year ago I decided to stop studying new lessons in WaniKani. I still do the reviews, but the new lessons will have to wait until Genki 2 and some other books are finished. Maybe I’ll even let all the reviews become burned before going to new lessons again. And then I have this huge backlog in KaniWani

Another resource I use is www.iknow.jp. It’s a vocabulary SRS system whose main strength in my opinion is a huge amount of example sentences that are read aloud. It has improved my listening comprehension.

This is my resource plan right now. The bolded ones are what I’m using at the moment, others are for the future.

WaniKani: keep doing reviews. Start new lessons when KaniWani backlog is cleaned.
iKnow: do reviews and new lessons
KaniWani: on hold, start doing reviews when all WK reviews are burned
Genki 2: finish the exercises
Basic Kanji Book: finish volume 1, then start volume 2
2000 Japanese Vocabulary Words for JLPT N3: finish studying the book
Sou Matome N3 books: start when Genki 2 and the 2000 vocab book is finished.
Tobira: start in the distant future when the previous books are finished

So there’s a lot to do! I also use about an hour for studying every day, so it will take a long time to clear through this. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to start new WaniKani lessons before the next decade. :grin: