Hanako's Weekly Lessons On Youtube

Hello everybody,

This is directed to newbies in Japanese grammar like me :P.
I have recently found a nice channel on Youtube where Hanako (japanese native speaker) gives grammar lessons live, and for free. You can also ask questions with the chat and she replies!
The appointment is every Saturday PST 3PM, but you can also rewatch the lessons afterwards. There are already 30 episodes posted.
Here is the link: https://goo.gl/iYr4sk

The lessons are organized following Genki I, so it is perfect if you are studying from there.



Even though I’m beyond Genki I, this is still super cool and useful! I’m definitely going to find myself with these on in the background while playing games, thanks!

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Wait… I think I know her from somewhere… definitely from other channel or something oO because I never watched hers.

Anyway, I’ll definitely check this out ^^ Maybe it will fix my hate with the Genki books!

Thanks for sharing ^^

花子 also has a Facebook group with a somewhat unusual name. It is called ‘Japanese without “Romaji” (do not type “arigato or ohayo” please).’ This name came about I guess because people couldn’t follow basic instructions. There are links to all the you-tube lessons, as well as to a blog with interesting stories of Hanako’s daily life.


Thanks, I did not know about the facebook group!

Why is lesson 1 not on the playlist??!

(I did find it though.)

Thanks for this.

you can find it in the playlist! the title of the video reads " … (1)"


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