NihonGoal YouTube channel - Vocabulary and Grammar

This channel teaches vocabulary and grammar explanation of every chapter from the first book of Minna no Nihongo『みんなの日本語初級I』. Although the author of this channel, Rose, is not a native speaker… she lives and works in Japan and has pick up the language from self studying and from daily life.

All 25 lessons are divided in 2 parts: first vocabulary, then grammar explanation.

You don’t really need the book to follow these videos. I believe they are self-contained. As with most things, she gets better at presenting and explaining as the lessons progresses. Please give it a try. It’s a very good resource.

For those who like the series, she will continue with Book 2 next month.

First lesson
Vocabulary: Learn Japanese | Minna No Nihongo Lesson 1 Vocabulary - YouTube
Grammar: Learn Japanese | Minna No Nihongo Lesson 1 Grammar - YouTube

Channel link


I may be nitpicky, but the fact that she introduces herself with a typo leads me to question her authority in language instruction.

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I would at least watch one video before questioning her ability to teach a language.

I will bookmark this and check this out.
I am just starting with grammar and this looks nice.

Here’s the only language learning Youtube channel you need: Nihongo no Mori

…as long as you only want to learn Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea if you want to learn about Chemtrails or about Gay Frogs, then you probably need another channel and medical help


Oh, I wasn’t questioning her ability to teach, just her authority based on one typo. I’m sure the video is fine.

Nah. There’s also:

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That’s alright. I’ll let you know when I find a YouTube channel with the hanko of approval of the Japanese Ministry of Education.

She’s at least a native yes. But aside from my personal thoughts about her videos, it doesn’t really go past N5, does it?

One nice thing about Nihongo No Mori is they’re actually going to school to become language teachers (at Waseda I think).

I was mainly replying at your suggestion of being the only channel you need. I, of course, love Nihongo no Mori. No doubt about it. However, it’s good to have more sources. Japanese Ammo is another great source. Although, yes, you are right: it is aimed mostly for beginners so far. What’s best about her is how through she is at explaining the subject. Her は vs が video is a good example of this.

Right now, Misa is a good place to start and Nihongo no Mori is a good place to continue with one’s studies.

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Yes but I think that’s a rambly-way-too-long video that doesn’t give any real new information that isn’t a thousand other places. Also, it is subpar to the answer in “Making Sense of Japanese”, which is a book. So the recommendation stays.

Oh, Syphus. You misunderstood my point. Plus, you didn’t even consider to see a substantial amount of the video before criticizing. However, carry on. The thread’s topic has been de-railed by this discussion.

Well shit, you should probably call the internet police then. This was a dead and necro-d thread anyway.


Is that all you can say after what I stated? Do you need a source for learning reading comprehension, or you already have a definite source on that topic? :thinking:

People let’s all be friendly ^^

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