Gratitude - An Ode to the Wonderful Durtles

Thanks for sharing your gratitude, Tanuki san :slight_smile:


We’re burning bright as we all unite

And when it’s all said and done we’ll shine like the sun

So don’t let the fire die

When I listen to this song, I am amazed at how perfectly it applies for @YoungAdam san. For those who do not Know YoungAdam san, he is our perfect version of Adam Young (Most commonly known for his album “Owl City”) :grin: and the creator of the famous Wagon Welcome post that greets our new durtles :metal:

You are a true fan when you know that you love someone’s work even when most of the world doesn’t care. While most of the times you are happy that your artist exists and makes music, sometimes it feels painful when you don’t have anyone to share that fun with. But you won’t let the embers die, you feed it a little every time until you meet another fan with a similar ember and the joy you get discussing the favorite aspects and works of your artist is PRICELESS.

Whenever I am talking about Adam Young, that is the way I feel about YoungAdam :smiley: You can feel their passion and love that music. For most people it is hard to find something they love, YoungAdam san is one of the lucky ones who found what they truly care and love :slight_smile:

Life has a way of jading people and turn them cynical. Life causes the embers inside us to slowly fade away. Only by coming in contact with people like YoungAdam san, you can feel the heat of their burning passion slowly kindle your own embers until it can sustain and lift you up from the inside :fire: And you will find a renewed sense of purpose or zeal in your life :innocent:

YoungAdam san, I love our Adam Young music discussions. I can feel your passion light me up :fire: Thanks for sharing your passion and love. You ROCK !! And for “All The Things Bright and Beautiful”, I bestow upon you the title of Rocker Durtle


Hey, I appreciate the kind words so much, your message has literally made my day :heart:

My goal with the guide was to gather all that I learned by going through the program and bring it to the mainstream in an easy format for everyone to be able to understand and apply those key concepts. I still remember when doing WK 3 times a day wasn’t a thing, and now it’s readily advised on the forums. I also appreciate the fact that the guide was able to offer independence to all the new users reading it. Self-study is hard and we all get easily overwhelmed with questions and doubts on how to do things right. My hope with the guide is that it’s helping people finding their own path and working on it :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that @jprspereira san :slight_smile:

I think your impeccable guide achieved the goals you intended to accomplish Pereira san. At this point, it is an unofficial Bible of Wanikani. The gospel has spread far and wide and is helping durtles all over the word to ascend to the next level :grin: I am sure quite a few of them have achieved enlightenment.

I would have loved to be here at the same time as when you were completing WK, I missed out on that fun. At the very least, I get to enjoy the fruits and shade of the tree you planted 2 years ago :smiley:


You know you are in for a treat when you see a Nicholas Cage’s face superimposed on Pope Francis’ face. Interesting is too mild a word to describe this durtle. Of course, we are talking about the Peerless @plantron durtle.

I met plantron san on the GIF thread. Needless to say the first question I asked them was “Is that Nicholas Cage’s face superimposed on to pope’s face?” . They said “Maybe it’s a pope’s body superimposed on Nicolas Cage’s face.” :joy: With a Nic Cage profile picture and Kintama Noggins Title, every interaction is filled with fun :grin: And don’t forget the Rick Rolling, Because you know Plantron san is “Never Gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down” :wink:

Plantron san, When you are around, words like boredom, nondescript, meh etc. do not even enter the picture. It’s always a crazy-fun-filled-festival dialed up to the max :grin: Your funny bone tickles all of us. Thanks for filling our lives with cheer :slight_smile: I bestow upon you the title of Jolly Durtle



Everyone who watched “Ansatsu kyoushitsu”/“Assasination Classroom” knows that Koro Sensei is a great teacher :slight_smile: What most people may not know is we have a Koro durtle among us :grin:

I met @bagusprabangkoro san on “Level 21 before 2021” thread. Their interactions reminded me of Koro sensei and I promptly started calling them Koro :slight_smile: Koro san is passionate about Wanikani. Regardless of the grueling nature of learning Kanji and facing real life circumstances, they try to be upbeat and persistent in sticking to their goals. They have a wonderful sense of humor and can cheer people with ease. I still smile remembering all those wonderful memes. They don’t try to act perfect and are open to sharing their struggles with learning Kanji.

If they ever decide to become a teacher, they would be a natural fit for the role :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your journey with us Koro san :slight_smile: For all the wonderful qualities you have displayed and for all the accolades you deserve, I bestow upon you the title of Koro Durtle


Oh nooo, don’t make me cry :sob: :sob: :sob:


Thanks for 1000% supporting me and others every time & any conditions, can’t thank enough :sob:


Enticing Click Bait Durtle Title :stuck_out_tongue:

Top Reviews

It’s a manifestation of pure catness! :cat2: - trunklayer
Y-you’re my dad! - plantron
How do we know whether people like Glias’ posts or just Glias? -kumirei
Y-you’re a cat! - KyokaJiro (a post from the future :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now that I have Gliased for the first time, let me introduce you to today’s durtle :slight_smile: The music world has Queen Bey and the Wanikani world has Queen Cat aka @Glias san.

There is a reason Glias san is called the Queen. She is the person who started “The Cat Club” :slight_smile: and began the cat movement that embraced me years later turning me into a cataddict :stuck_out_tongue: (A serious condition where the recipient is addicted to cute cat images :heart_eyes_cat:)

Glias san eats culture for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She started threads like I can haz meme, Mobile Suggestion Game, GIFs only thread, The Nyaawards, The Gliawards, “Our Cherished memories, by the forum fam”, The 0/0 streak challenge etc. and each one of them became a movement strengthening the bonds among countless durtles over the years.

Glias san is the personification of the tenderness of a kitty. She is a gentle, cheerful, supporting and loving durtle. When she enters the thread you know that a cat pic is coming and a smile starts forming on your lips because you know it is going to the perfect cat picture for the moment. Talking to Glias san is going to make you feel fuwa fuwa :slight_smile:

It is not just durtles who are saved by her, she also literally saves lives in real life through her work. Glias san, thank you for all your efforts in the forum, we are all happier because of you. You are a fantastic durtle and even more than that, you are a fantastic person :innocent: Thank you for everything :bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

To answer Kumirei san’s question:
How do we know whether people like Glias’ posts or just Glias?
It’s both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I bestow upon you the title of NekoMegami Durtle



What a wonderful message to wake up to in the morning. You’re so sweet, @KyokaJiro! :durtle_love: Here is an extra cat for you


i saw you sent me a notification, but i wanted to make sure i had adequate time to read and compose a response to you before actually posting. apologies for being a bit late :bowing_man:

i-i don’t deserve this >_>
but omg thank you. thank you. it really means a lot to me that you think of me like that. and i’m also super glad you enjoy the music of adam young!

d’aww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i really do strive to make people happy, and i’m glad to see that it works! i hope to continue spreading joy to you and everyone here on the forums :blush:


i don’t want to take credit for something i didn’t do—the original creator of the Welcome Wagon was @gojarappe, who certainly deserves respect for being the original sparkly greeter to the forums, haha

obviously i’m not nearly as good at writing eloquent messages of thanks as you are, dear @KyokaJiro, but i really hope you know how much your message means to me. you are such a kindhearted person. i hope you have an absolutely incredible day today *hugs*

keep dreaming up, y’all :green_heart: and don’t let the fire die :fire::guitar:


“Legend tells of a durtle warrior whose kanji skills were the stuff of legend.”

The universe has brought us the Durtle Warrior!

I met @PamuPanda in “Level 21 before 2021” thread. They are a fun durtle to be around. Pamu san made a splash like Po from “Kung Fu Panda”, only there was no fumbling panda. They entered like Po after his training with Master Shifu and ran through the levels with a thoroughness that is hard to see around at WK :slight_smile: They persist despite the increasingly difficult odds of sustaining 7-day levels and yet they are humble to the core.

Pamu san has a lot of wonderful tastes, their selections in anime and games are spot on. It is fun to talk with Pamu san whether it is Japanese language, games or philosophical discussions. Thanks for being here and sharing fun with us Pamu san.

I bestow upon you the title of Panda Durtle


Thanks for always making people feel welcome, @YoungAdam! :sparkles:


Aaaaah! Level 50! Congratulations!
So close!
Also, you are a wonderful durtle indeed.


I’ve been here a while now, @Naphthalene! Maybe in a year or so I’ll go back and finish the last 10 levels. :blue_heart:


No worries Young Adam san :slight_smile: I know you are busy with School.

I am glad you want to spread joy in the future too :grin:

Thanks for letting me know the origin story for the Welcome Wagon.

Your words are plenty enough Young Adam, your signature warmth oozes in your words :smiley: Thanks for your kind words Young Adam, they mean a lot to me as well :slight_smile:

YES!! let’s keep the fire burning :fire:


Thanks for starting the wonderful welcoming tradition @gojarappe san :slight_smile:


Have you ever heard of Yuki Hayashi’s music? (Haikyuu, Boku No Hero Academia, Run With The Wind, Ao Haru Ride etc.) It is a spectacular mix of elegance, excitement, relaxation and rejuvenation. His music can make you feel happy, sad, relieved, excited and helps you explore a whole lot of emotions you have not experienced before. It makes your heart go Waku Waku. I experience a similar feeling when I listen to this durtle’s explanations. There is a level of classiness topped with poetic words and tinged with a hint of dry humor underlying their statements. Of course, it is none other than our own @BIsTheAnswer san :smile: (Anyone who knows me understands how much I love Yuki Hayashi’s music, so I do not make that comparison lightly :slight_smile: )

I met B san for the first time on the “Introductions V2” thread back in early October. It was a memorable occasion to say the least :stuck_out_tongue: (You can hop over to the thread to enjoy it :wink: ) Our next interaction was three days after that on the Gliaawards thread where B san professed their love for Vanilla Ice cream :grinning: Soon after I joined the Poll thread and we hit it off. B san is not your quintessential geek durtle. Some or most of the times when they are talking, you feel it is beyond your understanding :stuck_out_tongue: but you listen to it anyway because they can unfold it in a manner in which you can understand. There are a lot of people who are technically strong, I guess B san also has loads of charisma in addition. For example let’s assume you have a hard time understanding Calculus and hate it with a passion. If Brad Pitt/Scarlett Johannsson is teaching the Calculus, I am pretty sure you will stick around and listen even if you feel Calculus be damned :wink: That’s how it feels when you listen to B san.

And don’t even get me started on their awesome origin story… that’s a legend on its own :grin: With a person like B san in tow, your life will be a lot more interesting. Do I need another reason to love the quirky, geeky, artsy, Wanikani-loving durtle like B san? HELL NO :smile: Thanks for showing up in my life B san :slight_smile: I bestow upon you the title of B Durtle (Read as “Be Durtle”. A proud endorsement to become a durtle :wink: )

Pssst… Don’t skip the vocab :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this one’s for you :smile:



sees goja after both of us have been MIA around the forums for a while


:sob::heart: hi kouhaiiiiii I hope you’re doing okay, miss you lots

@KyokaJiro sorry to butt in your wonderful topic, KyokaJiro! I just had to say hi to my kouhai :sweat_smile: But I absolutely love your topic and it’s super sweet of you to make it :heart:


Thanks for dropping by @TomatoSalad Senpai :slight_smile:

This thread is for everyone to share their gratitude, so I am happy that you dropped in and shared your love for Goja senpai :grin:

Also, Thanks for your kind words Senpai :blush: