Biribiri Beats

“Biribiri” (ビリビリ/びりびり) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for flowing electricity.

The inspiration for my username comes from the character “Kyoka Jiro” from Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. She is a Rocker :guitar: and her hair streaks are drawn similarly to the waves of an EKG. She is most likely the first character Kohei Horikoshi Sensei created for the series.

The name for this thread is inspired from the below wallpaper

My Japanese story started with Pokemon and continued with Naruto. Along the way I have come across people who have helped me grow, stories that touched my heart, hardships that weighed me down and feelings of joy that coursed through my body.

I love a lot of manga/anime. And the one that suits best for this journey is “Yowamushi Pedal” (Weakling’s Pedal). It is a cycling manga/anime that deals with a team of 6 riders who compete at Inter High to battle out all the best schools in the nation.

“The words “I should have done this back then” are a curse. Whenever they come up, they tangle around your heart and keep you from moving. They bring up all the baggage you carry and dull your emotions. From this point on is a domain where your emotions can’t be dull… “This is fun”… “I want to move forward”. You need to have only pure feelings like that, if you want to reach that domain!”
― Wataru Watanabe (Mangaka of Yowamushi Pedal) (Quote slightly edited for clarity.)

“Your weakness can’t be overcome with knowledge or technique. So climb. Keep climbing until your legs stop moving.” – Yuusuke Makishima

In Wanikani perspective,
"“Your weakness can’t be overcome with knowledge or technique. So review. Keep reviewing until your brain stops working.” – Fellow Durtle


In the immortal words of Kinjou Shingo "総北はささやるチームだだ” (Sohoku wa sasayaru cheemu da - Sohoku is a team that supports.)

"No one team member can carry the entire team themselves and Team Sohoku rides for each other: Onoda will always have the support of the team when he needs it, but in turn, he must give his help and support to his teammates when they need it too, because supporting each other is “how Sohoku rides.” "

I follow the same philosophy in life and in Wanikani. No one can learn Japanese by themselves, you will always have the support of community when you need it. And in turn, when someone in the community needs your help, be there. Because supporting each other is “How Wanikani Rides”.

これはみんなのものがたりだ。はじめましょう。(This is a story of all of us. Let’s begin!)



  • Become a “Potato Durtle”

  • Complete Level 20 by Dec 2020

  • Complete Level 40 by Sept 2021

  • Complete Level 60 by June 2022

  • Pass JLPT N5 by June 2021

  • Pass JLPT N4 by December 2021



  • Thread for Hyakunin Isshu (100 Poems)

  • List of all titles

  • 42 Interesting people

  • A-Z threads for beginners

  • Meaning and writing of the name “Koichi”

  • Copy name of Japanese songs from Apple Music/Spotify

  • Ask Me Anything thread.


Boku no Hero Academia
Akatsuki no Yona
Kaguya Sama
Daiya No A - Act 2
Yowamushi Pedal
Vinland Saga

More to come

Note: Not including completed manga and manga in hiatus.


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Here’s a screenshot for context (for posterity :joy:)


Love the Kitty Kyoka :grin: Haven’t seen that one before.


that post is a wiki: anyone can come and spam cat pics hehehe!


Hahaha. Noted and will add a few in the future. Also love the biribiri tear pun :stuck_out_tongue:

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someone mentioned derailing


@KyokaJiro Congrats!! What a tough year to start anything right? I started in January…lost my iPhone and internet for months and had pick it up again in May so eventhough my year anniversary will be in January, I try not to be so hard on myself. I want to complete the program in two years, but I have finally learned to slow the heck down when I need to and I’m still making good progress. How has the year been for you? I also posted “what I wish I knew when I started off” Maybe you should share your year journey.

@Lswan Changing the location of the text so as to not detail the original thread. I pasted your message above. Feel free to continue the conversation here. Thanks.

Losing a phone in this day and age would be tremendously difficult. I am glad you are slowing down and still making steady progress Lswan san :grin: I will definitely share my journey. Probably once I complete level 20, I will start a post and share. Thanks for your kind suggestion.

You can quote from a different topic by starting a reply in the other thread, then moving to this thread and press post here.

Thanks Saida san. I will use that option next time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Which anime is this? @ekg

I haven’t watched it but I think it’s Ballroom e Youkoso or Welcome to the Ballroom. I’m sure @ekg will confirm or deny this


Thanks Dolly San. I knew it wasn’t Yuri on Ice because it had no ice :joy: but didn’t know which specific anime it was from.

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Yup! That’s what it was! ^>^ Well spotted.

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Normally a pretty good indication it isn’t Yuri on Ice :joy: the simple methods are often best.

Yay, not bad for an anime I haven’t actually watched :sweat_smile: although it has been on my ‘to-watch’ list for a while


This is that Bartender anime isn’t it?? :thinking:

Gorgeous animation! ^>^

Gotta sleep now you two! See ya later!


Yep, Death Parade. Although I watched with certain expectations and it wasn’t what I expected at all, still a good anime though. It does have lovely animation, especially the opening. The song is awesome as well.

Nighty night!