Grammar websites?

I’m beginning to start Japanese grammar but I don’t understand a thing and everything just goes flying over me head. Is there any good and free websites out there to study Japanese grammar?

Bunpro and Wasabi are generally what I point people to. The Dictionary of Japanese Grammar series as well as a supplament. Japanese Ammo with Misa for a YouTube series.


japanesetests4you and Maggie Sensei


See also, the Cure Dolly videos on YouTube.


I very much like the 日本語の森 videos on YouTube. Their major advertising focus is on the higher-level stuff, but they also have a N5 video series that starts from scratch.


LingoDeer is good learn and drill the fundamentals.

11 Likes is good too.


I recently found that side and thought it really neat! ^>^ (I’ve mostly done the grammar practice tests though). Have you tried the other stuff on there? If so, what did you think about it? ^^

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i’ve done the listening and reading comprehension tests up to N2, i think they’re really helpful. and the lists of anime phrases they have are fun too

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I think I might have a crack at the listening tests as well. Sounds like fun actually! ^>^

…and the anime nerd tests are next!

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See also: Leebo先輩 and @MegaZeroX for no reason at all (neither to be over-used)

Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese is a classic, even if Tae Kim might not be right about everything. My personal favourite is Maggie Sensei’s website, which was mentioned above. (Honestly though, I currently rely a lot on dictionaries, both bilingual and monolingual.) You can also try Japanese with Anime, which is good for simple explanations of certain concepts (with a focus on anime, obviously).

If you want a bit more of a challenge where you can immerse yourself while learning (with the help of subtitles), you can check out this site:

That’s the link to their N5 page. You can watch their videos if you want. I believe everything is in Japanese, but with English subtitles that stop at N2 or N1. (They get replaced by Japanese subtitles at that point.)