Grammar point each day?

Hey, I’m just wondering if you guys think that learning grammar too fast or a new grammar point each day is counter-productive? how do you learn grammar?

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Everyone goes at their own speed, so for you if learning one grammar point each day is your “pace” there is nothing wrong with that.

As for learning grammar, there are lots of good free resources online, but if you want something paid there is Genki i + ii.

I think Tae Kim’s guide is pretty popular:

I personally haven’t started on grammar yet, but I have heard “Tae Kim” and Genki I & II come up a lot in conversation, both are highly recommended especially Genki I & II but they can be expensive, so it’s worth using the free resources for now.

If you end up going for Genki, I heard this guy has good videos to go along with it that can help you:

I also think I heard LingoDeer is good for grammar:

Here is a thread discussing LingoDeer if you wanted to do some research before making any decisions, best to be informed!


I basically read through all the N5/N4 grammar points in one sitting and then looked them up as necessary when reading.

Your method seems fine to me. :wink:

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1 grammar point a day is definitely not “too fast” if you’re putting in the time, so don’t worry about that.

Really just look at the explanation and look through sentences that use the grammar point until it makes sense. Not the other way around.

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At its heart, I think this becomes a question of quality versus quantity. The faster you learn, the wider your breadth of knowledge, but it will be more shallow. The slower you go, taking the time to really get to know the material, you’ll have depth, but it will be a narrow field of view.

Some methods works for some people, and not for others. Thus, the most important is that you try out a system (such as one grammar point per day), develop a way of measuring whether it’s working for you, and be prepared to change your system if what you’re doing isn’t working.

My personal recommendation is to turn on subtitles and watch one of Cure Dolly’s Japanese from Scratch videos per day (as well as any textbook or Tae Kaim reading you may be doing), then after a month or two of that, look into joining in on whatever comes up next in the Absolute Beginner Book Club.


Are you doing exercises as well? One grammar point a day sounds good but if you don’t do exercises, the grammar will not stick. And by exercises, I don’t only mean the “fill in the blank” type of exercise that Bunpro has but also exercises where you compose your own sentences using the grammar points.


yeah i mean i watch videos about each grammar point after to get a decent understanding but i guess i need to actually compose my own sentences etc lol. Appeciate it!

That is an exaggeration :wink:
You don’t need to practice production to be able to recognize/understand.

Personally I’m currently of the opinion that if you do not want to output early (e.g. you’re not going to Japan in 6 months), there’s no harm in putting of production at all. Might even save you time to focus on other things.

I also went quite a bit faster than that for the basics (N5+N4) and headed for immersion. I slowed down grammar quite a bit after that. Currently working on mostly N2 grammar and I’m still fine… :wink:
How much is too much just depends on how much time you can make for it.

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