How many grammar points to study a week?

As the title suggests, I’m curious about the number of grammar points people study per week or what you think is a good number to study per week.

Does anyone know of any general guidelines for this or…? Like, I’ve seen plenty of sites saying that studying somewhere between 15 - 25 words a day is ideal for consistent learning without overloading yourself, but I haven’t seen anything about grammar.

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I study 0 grammar points in the average week. :disappointed:
Hoping to start Tobira in a couple weeks though

I would guess no more than around 5-10 grammar points a week would be best. Personally, any more than that and I’d probably have a really hard remembering them, though obviously it depends person to person.


One thing to keep in mind this that beginner grammar is the basic glue that holds the language together, and as such, it’s very broad and flexible in how it can be used. There might be many little things within any individual grammar point that actually take a lot of time to cover. For instance は is something that people will need to keep coming back to again and again as they study.

On the other hand, advanced grammar points are often narrow and apply only in limited circumstances, making them easy to cover fairly quickly. They become a bit more like vocab words at this point, in terms of how they can be presented and consumed.

That is to say… it really depends. Grammar points just aren’t quite the same as vocab early on, and it’s really important to thoroughly grasp them before moving too far ahead, due to how they build on each other.


Thanks! That definitely makes a lot of sense, and is a good point.

I’m on low-mid to mid-level grammar at this point (done with Genki I and II with a little bit of other grammar picked up here and there, and working on Tobira now), and some are a lot easier to remember than others, so I may take that 5 - 10 range that seanblue mentioned and work within that depending on how easy or difficult I’m finding the grammar points.

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When did you reach level 60 again? Congratulations!


A few hours ago. Thanks!


Was it worth doing a second time?

(Also congrats)



Oh yeah, there are so many words, especially toward the end, that I never really felt I had a good grasp on the first time.


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