Grammar help “various colors”

Do any of these make sense grammatically? I’m trying to say “various colors” for a fake anime title:

•色々のコラー (maybe な or と for the particle)
•色々の色 (again, な or と for the particle)

Please help :sob::sob: If I’m way off base, I would love to hear the right way to say it (or at least most common way if multiple ways are technically “right”).

There’s a twitter account named “色々色 (@variouscolor6)”, so that one doesn’t seem to be wrong at least.

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I think 色々色 should work, sounds funny though. :smiley:

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色々 is an な adjective, so it would be 色々な色…

Jisho has 色色 as “various colours” actually…


Yes, but as “archaism” - meaning it was used that way in the past but usually not anymore.

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I never said I would use it like that, just an interesting point.

Back to the question at hand, I think how you say it is going to depend on the context.
could also work

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Just wanted to point that out :wink:

Plus, if you google for it, you’ll find plenty of results for “色々色” in pages like wikis and such, so it seems to be commonly used without the “な”.

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I asked my girlfriend what she thinks and 色々色 is pretty hard to understand.

She’s Japanese so I would hope she has a fair grasp of the language.

As an な adjective, I have to say I’ve only mainly seen it used without a particle for verbs; I think a lot of the time particles can be optional, but not so much for な adjectives.

Kind of like 静か部屋 just sounds a little bit funny instead of 静かな部屋.

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It’s most likely a word play, but it’s not grammatically correct. For an anime title I think it could work though.

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Yeah! I liked that it was “色” 3 times since this fake anime is about 3 girls who are color coded lol

What would you recommend writing it like?? Since 色々色 is weird?

Wife just threw out 多色 and 多彩.

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Thanks! :+1:t2:

By the way, “color” in katakana would be カラー not コラー.

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You could also use

I think.

Since it’s a manga you could get away with 色々色 or 色色色 probably.

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