Grammar classifications

How do you all separate grammar points into categories? I’m looking to create a cheat sheet of all the grammar points I know, and I’m having trouble classifying some of the points. More specifically verbs and the predicate parts. Any help will be appreciated!

I don’t classify them, but here’s a few ideas off the top of my head:

  • Conjugations
  • Conjunctions
  • Particles (which can then be broken down further into subcategories)

I’m sure there’s a bunch of additional categories and I see plenty of grammar points that I can’t quickly figure out how to categorize, but maybe that will help get you started. I don’t have any suggestions specific to verbs or predicate parts.

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Thanks! Anything is helpful. I hadn’t even thought of conjunctions, and that list of subcategories for particles is very helpful.

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I would categorize grammar points based on the particles used. I would group all the uses of “ga” that you know, all the uses of “wa,” all the uses of each particle you know starting with “ni” and “de,” all the uses of “wo,” and all the verb form, plain, polite, ~te iru/imasu, irregular, group 1 godan verbs, group 2 ichidan verbs, and irregular verbs. I use a spread sheet to organize things so that I can add to it as I learn new things. You can add categories for more complicated things like phrases or clauses that use plain present or past verb forms, ~ii and na adjectives and their conjugations, etc. I hope this helps you.

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