Resources for understanding small differences between grammar points?

So after taking the N4 yesterday I started reading about the N3, and came across something about how after this point, it becomes more and more about understanding subtle differences between similar grammar points.

Can anyone recommend resources online that deal with teasing out the fine differences between similar grammar? I’ve seen links shared here for vocab, wondering if there’s a similar thing more geared to grammar points


There’s the Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar, which tend to have clarifying explanations when grammar points are similar.

Thanks for replying! I have the first volume and find it useful. I was hoping for something that puts similar grammar points side by side and breaks down the differences, but totally accept that it might not exist lol

The goo thesaurus, which is a free, digitized version of a paper thesaurus you can buy, has entries for particles and stuff, though it’s not quite as thorough as a resource meant for non-natives when it comes to grammar points.

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Thank you!

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