Got to level 60 - Can you read a Japanese Newspaper?

Those of you who got to level 60 - Give us underlings some motivation, please.

Are you now able to:

Read a Japanese newspaper?
Read an (adult level) book?
Walk around Japan and understand all the signage? (carona exception here)

How problematic is it for you that Wanikani didn’t teach all of the readings of the kanji?


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Disclaimer: I previously was level 60

Reading comprehension depends far more on grammar and vocabulary knowledge than kanji knowledge, but reading the kind of stuff you’re talking about at all is very cumbersome without kanji knowledge.

You will certainly encounter lots of readings you didn’t learn here. But you’ll be well-equipped to figure them out, because you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out what kanji you’re even looking at.


Maybe check out the Ultimate Guide if you haven’t… good stuff in there!


Disclaimer: not level 60 yet, but I’m getting darn close

I’ve started reading in earnest much more lately. It’s pretty much like what @leebo said, reading comprehension depends a lot on your grammar and vocab knowledge. That said, when I’m reading now, it goes infinitely more smooth than it used to. I recognize most of the kanji I see and it just is one less thing I have to worry about. It allows me to spend less time on word lookups and focus more on deconstructing the grammar before me. For grammar itself, I went through the Genki books a while ago, but I would highly recommend the Cure Dolly Grammar serious. Once you get past the vtuber schtick, the information is super valuable.

Best of luck to your studies and I hope to see you around the forums for a while to come!


Disclaimer: I’m nearly level 60 (trying to finish level 59 lessons at the moment)

I’ll confess: I don’t read Japanese news so I really don’t know. I used to read NHK news easy when I was in level 20s but it got boring because I’m not particularly interested in what’s happening on Japan (and even in my own country, I just don’t care much…)

Yes, I can. Not as smooth as how I read texts in English, but still far better than when I was at teens level. Well, I still need a dictionary specially on words I don’t encounter much. I like reading fantasy or supernatural ones, so I tend to really search a lot of words because the only core vocabulary I know a lot of is about daily normal lives context (about high school, classroom setting, simple salary man life, household chores stuff like that.)

I don’t know, since I don’t really plan to go to Japan. But my guess is no, I can’t read all signages with confidence. But guessing from the signages I see in anime, I can probably read about 60% of them (rough estimate)

I can’t really tell since I’m the type of person who can memorize more of the vocab meaning and reading than memorizing kanji meaning and reading. I’d rather hammer a kanji reading from vocabularies, and not vice versa. So after I finish WK, I’ll switch on SRS focusing on vocabularies because I find it much efficient :slight_smile:

Good luck on your journey! The early levels are the time where you still figure out how to balance WK, other SRS apps for Japanese learning, or if you need to jump start immersion.

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