Google Translate Fails

I don’t get it, do people not use IME on their computer or the whole joke is using romaji? Many posts are using romaji.
Idk i found google translate works better with kana then romaji, but it cant understand context well which is expected.


Mostly it’s just fun to see google translate make a fool of itself I guess :slight_smile:

But on a more serious note, isn’t the intended user here someone who doesn’t already understand Japanese, and thus doesn’t use an IME?

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but I frequently use Google Translate as a quick and dirty romaji to hiragana converter, especially when I’m on a computer that doesn’t have a Japanese keyboard setup already and I want to write using Japanese characters.

It usually does a fairly decent job of giving me full sentences with appropriate hiragana and kanji … but frequently butchers the English translations. This one struck me as especially funny, so I decided to share.

Although, the more I think about it, the more I wish that Google Translate would ALWAYS just admit it when it doesn’t understand what I enter, instead of pulling full sentences out of thin air and making up random stuff for no apparent reason. I would really appreciate the honesty.


This reminds me of when our exchange student came home from school one day with a letter from a teacher who was assigned to help her with some of her classes. The teacher had written something in English, and pasted it into Google Translate, thinking it would better communicate what she wanted to say. Our student just handed it to me with a blank look, and waited to see my reaction. I took a moment to try reading it, then asked her if she understood any of it. She giggled and said no.

Poor teacher had no idea.


You know, now that I think about it… maybe Google Translate would do well in politics. :thinking:


Yay for neural nets that let you correct them! Someone posted this in my Discord the other day, it was great


Is it just spitting out random words?

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This one is deep.


This thread is a true testament to the near worthlessness and entertainment value of Google translate, which I wholly enjoy. Here’s an oldie but a goodie from college— the paper I was writing was about yokai (I think? man that was a while ago now) and I sometimes would run what I’d written in Japanese through Google translate to double check things, back before I understood its true level of ridic. This particular time, I got this back:


And yes, this is a janky af photo I took with my phone camera of a computer screen at the university library.
And P.S. I’ve been waiting for a place to post this online where others would actually understand why it’s funny since COLLEGE. I love you all so much right now. :sparkling_heart:


One of my friends at school had his browser set to automatically translate Japanese, so I was treated to this amazing translation when I helped him buy a live ticket.

I thought it was just Google Translate being utterly terrible until I found out that the show name was also absurd 「三月に咲く愚鈍共による錆びたハサミと戒厳令の雨あられ三輪車の花園にて、許しておくんなはれや」


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