Google IME popup menu font size, MacOS

Anybody know if it is possible to change the popup menu font size on the Google IME on MacOS? I’ve found solutions for Windows, but I haven’t found an answer for macs. My eyes aren’t what they used to be and the complexity of Kanji makes it hard to pick out some of the more complex ones, especially if I don’t know them very well.

Or if you’ve got a different IME to try on the Mac with a larger popup, I’m happy to try it.


This may not exactly answer your question, but I also use a Mac and have bad eyes, so here’s what I use.

There’s a setting in Accessibility > Zoom called “Enable hover text” that, when enabled, will magnify whatever your cursor is hovering over. You can choose what shortcut key to use under “Options”

This hover effect works even on the IME popup menu.

So not a permanent solution, but hopefully one that helps in the meantime.

Edit: also you can use the zoom on hover shortcut for any text.
also, also, I just use the default Mac IME and it works on anything. IDK if Google’s is Google-product-specific.


The zoom is a great idea. I’ll use the hotkeys to read those tiny furigana or gnarly kanji. My zoom options are a little different, but it will work. Thanks for the tip!

I fiddled with the built-in keyboard options and got a nice 大きい popup menu. It goes up to font size 36, and you can change the font. :+1: I think when I tried to set this up initially, I didn’t understand to set it to Romaji input method, so the keys were mapped to a Japanese keyboard layout.


Great post!

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Replying to myself for people that will see this thread later, after using it for half a day, I will say that the built-in Mac IME seems to have a lot less extraneous stuff in the suggestions. Google IME seemed to work better once I had already picked something and would suggest it next time. But there were cases when I’d get 20 phrases starting with the kanji I didn’t want and have to scroll through them all, being careful not to miss the right one.


Found the zoom functionality for iOS, if you want to play mobile games in Japanese and the writing is too small. Accessibility-> Zoom will open up a three-finger gesture that lets you zoom in and out at will.


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