Good カタカナ語 SRS resources?

As dogen snarkily points out here, katakana words can be even harder to remember (especially the exact spelling) than kanji, doubly so when they have unintuitive spellings (スツール????), non-english etymology (ピーマン), meanings that subtly differ from their obvious etymology (アルバイト), false friends (ヒップ anyone?) and so on. Plus the extended kana that nobody seems to include in their flashcard decks (why?!). I’ve found various decks people have put together of a few common words on places like Memrise… only to ragequit when I find some of them aren’t even correctly spelled. do i just have to make my own and Anki my way through it, or are there actually good resources for this?

I’ve learned around 3000 katakana words using this deck (total: 4469 words) on the platform Kitsun. If you don’t know Kitsun, it’s a SRS website developed by a (level 60) Wanikani user. If you want to check it out first, here’s the Kitsun’s thread on the forums:

Here’s an Anki vs Kitsun thread:

Here’s how the deck looks like (in reviews):

Deck creator is @hinekidori.

You’ll need to sign up in order to be able to see/use the deck. Kitsun will go pay to use in a few months (currently getting a redesign + a bunch of new features), so there’s that to take into consideration.


this looks fantastic. i was looking for something like this – “like anki, but more like wanikani”, because my brain has a terrible time actually keeping to study schedules (or remembering things at all, really) with anki. thank you so much!


Glad it’s what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

In case this happens, there’s an option to click on “Actions” (bottom left corner) and “Propose changes” for community decks (decks published on the community center by creators). You’ll be able to modify the fields, add extra readings, leave a comment suggestion to that card, etc. The creator will receive your suggestion and take it into consideration. For example, if you send a suggestion for a meaning and the creator validates your suggestion, all users using that deck will get their decks automatically updated :slight_smile: In case it’s a synonym that you want to keep for youself, then clicking on the blue pencil (check the screenshot on my 1st post) will allow you to do just that :v:


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