Going slow. It's okay

This is ment to be a motivation post. No replies are needed, but feel free to reply. If someone has already written this, notify me so I can delete this post if needed.

I know i’m probably not the person you expect to say this. (Most people that write stuff like this tend to be a higher level) Amidst the people with quickly rising levels, you might think you’re not doing enough.

You might think that you’re making too many mistakes in your reviews, that you’re too slow.
I promise you. It’s okay to go slow. It’s okay to take a break, to take a step back, to reset some levels.
What’s the point of learning if you feel rushed when the point (from what I think) is being able to take your time.
Don’t preasure yourself into doing more lessons a day than you can handle just because other people can do more per day, or to use a resaurce just because it’s popular.
Sometimes life catches up to us.
It’s okay. Take a deep breath, maybe take a bath. Bake something, read, whatever floats your boat. And when you’re ready, learn a little more.
We’ll be waiting for you. That’s the point of the community right? Helping each other.
Take care of yourselves, all of you.


One step is better than no step.


Even getting 0% on a review is progress, because sometimes to succeed you must first fail


Which is why one should always do the reviews, even if you feel like you’ll flunk them all. Doesn’t really matter, as long as you do them. WK - Just do it.


It’s kinda like Wordle. Even if all your letters are black, at least now you know which letters not to use.


I don’t know, this mindset to me is toxic. If you don’t set any goals then you’ll never fail but you’ll also never succeed. If it’s just something you’re doing to pass the time then fair enough, but if you want to actually speak the language at some point you should try to hold yourself more accountable


It 100% is. But people prefer comfortable lies to harsh reality.


I would like to clarify that I think it is important to set goals. The original post was more about the journey. Sometimes going too fast can cause burnout and it can scare people away from learning.


If you set a goal then realize it’ll be out of reach then yes, you have failed to reach that goal. However this doesn’t mean you can’t build up to it at your pace.


I set my new lessons to sets of four. I can always do four more as soon as I want to. I am not overwhelmed, especially since we now have the extra practice option. (Yaaay!) I am enjoying the leisurely pace, working on it every day. I am not in a big hurry, since I am on the lifetime plan. It is important to me to enjoy it, in order to keep myself motivated, as I plan to live in Japan some day.

I want to KNOW my vocabulary words, not just sort-of-know them. I figure it’s better to KNOW 500 words than to sort-of-know 2500 of them.


OP: “Take care of yourself.”
Responses: “That’s toxic.”


All this post is saying is it’s okay to not stress out about reaching level 60 as fast as possible. Better the turtle that goes slow and steady than the hare that runs fast only to tire out and fall asleep before hitting the finish line.


Pacing yourself and setting (maybe lofty) goals are not mutually exclusive though. But I agree in notion; the other extreme is also pretty bad.


Jokes on you, i dont have a life. But seriously, learning japanese properly in a decent amount of time will heavily impact your daily schedule if your not student.(a prayer for all family involved wanikani members)


Somebody wrote something like:

“People usually overestimate what they can do in one week… They also underestimate what they can do in one year”.

I agree with this idea.

The MOST essential thing is to keep going forward.


oh hey you are level 5. i’m gonna add you to my leaderboard haha

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When you start out with the mindset that you’ll take it slow and do lessons whenever and “I’l get there when I get there” then that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s okay to slow down when you’re starting to burn out, it’s bad to start from the beginning with that mindset


I m not sure, but is it coincidence that your recent changed profile picture looks similiar to the ukrain flag? Just noticed it.

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Over the span of a year or two, if you want to maximise how many kanji and vocab you are memorising, consistency is most efficient, even if that means going slow. It’s better in the short term to push yourself, but unless your livelihood depends on finishing wanikani reviews, you will burn out. Experiment and find how much time and mental effort you can get away with putting in, while remaining excited for the next session. Working smarter, as in making sure the way you study and the attention you put into each review is as meaningful as possible, is an excellent alternative to spending more time grinding. This can all be implemented in a very flexible and relaxed way, crucially without comparing yourself to others’ progress. Gl everyone


I think you can see peoples usernames next to their profile picture.

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