Returning from Vacation Mode

Hi all,
I searched and read a few posts in the matter, but can’t find my exact question.
I want to return from a Vacation Mode after 3 weeks. I’m not sure if I should do the reviews that will appear**, get them wrong and be set back a lot or do a little review on my own, reading the meaning and reading of the kanji and only then cancel the Vacation Mode and do the reviews when they appear.

**I left my lessons and reviews on zero when I put it on Vacation Mode and I (stupidly) left just before levelling up (25 out of 34 kanji passed), so I’m very reluctant to be set back :pensive:


If you don’t know the items then you will need to review them more, not extend their intervals. I’d say do them and fail the ones you don’t remember. Failing is part of learning


Hey man, think of it this way, the purpose of Wanikani is learning, leveling up is just an indication that you have learned. If it so happens that you didn’t level up and are making mistakes its a good thing! When you level up you can be more confident that you have learned them!


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