Getting the actual kanji progression

Hello !
For a university project I would love to return my actual Japanese Kanji progression on a website. But after reading the API documentation I can’t find if it’s possible. I succeeded to return the 2074 kanji number, but I didn’t find a property “unlocked”.
Is it possible to get the actual kanji progression of a user ?
Thanks you !

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This link should show the status of your kanji (and vocab and radicals) so far

Thanks, but the problem is that I need a dynamic data, to get an automatic synchronization. The website don’t let us actually fetch the data into another website with some API. But if they can do it, I think they’re could be a way of doing it maybe not showed in the documentation

The property you’re looking for ia started_at or srs_stage under assignments


Assignments also have an unlocked_at date

started_at is lesson completed, right?

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Indeed, but since OP asked about unlock date I figure we might inform them of this property as well

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