Getting quizzed on active kanji from my queue using a custom GPT

I decided to try making a custom gpt using the wanikani API. I unfortunately cannot share it because it is unique to my account and uses my API key. But I was able to get it to do the following:

  • Provide a kanji and vocabulary guessing experience using only those items currently in my review queue
  • Write entire sentences using only vocabulary that I know and asking me to write the hiragana and english translation for.

This definitely seems promising. It’s a bit like a duolingo experience that is limited to kanji I know the meaning of / how to pronounce from WK.

Anyone have some other ideas for what I could test out with it to see how it works?

I was thinking of sharing the OpenAPI schema I came up with (though I also did this with chatgpt, lol, it researched the API documentation using the bing feature and wrote it for me and it worked!)


In what aspect it is unique to your account? If you make the API ley a setting could you turn this cool utility into a parameterized userscript?

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I’m new to making these, but there is only one spot for a bearer token and it seems to be static for the entire userbase. Tbf, I only spent like 15 minutes on this so far so I will definitely do some reading. I am also cognizant of the API docs suggestions about respecting premium/subscription status so want to be sure anything I share with folks is within those parameters if possible.

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I suggest your read about the Wanikani Open Framework. This is a cool utility that greatly simplifies the use of the Wanikani API. Among other things it automates the capture of the API token and it enforces the subscription restriction for you.


thanks very much!

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