Getting questions wrong

Should I not worry about things I got wrong that have gone to master and dropped down?

Not sure what you mean by “not worry about”. Just do them when they come back. They’ll come back sooner than last time so you can build up your memory again.


Okay. I was wondering because I forgot a bunch of them, from previous levels like I could be doing something wrong to get this far and forget a bunch.

I forget things constantly. Especially if it’s a kanji I don’t see every day. I have the ones I see consistently memorized, but there are some I almost never see because they aren’t related to what I do, so I just forget. Same goes for Vocab words. Forget a meaning, forget a reading, it’s just what happens. Like Leebo said just do them as it comes up and if you can try to use them when you study. It’ll help solidify them in your mind.


I planned on buying Manga and books so I’d constantly be reading Kanji and stuff. My grammar and vocab isn’t that great so there is only so much I can understand. Thanks for your input.

It’s just part of learning. Getting better takes time, and the only way to get better is to just start, right?

Definitely get on studying grammar, and check out some beginner manga, everyone recommends yotsuba but I like Shirokuma cafe. Not too beginner but fairly easy to understand, plus the puns are to die for.
Good luck! :relaxed:

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Thank you very much!

@Leebo thank you as well.

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You betcha~ Don’t let forgetting get ya down! You got this!


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