Back from holiday and memory gone

Good grief i got up to level 11 around 5 weeks back then stopped new lessons for 3 weeks to get the count down went on vacation for 2.5 weeks and now i have restarted cant remember anything. Im getting 3% of stuff right and literally look blankly at everything the app is showing me. That might be okay for non burned that gets pushed lower but im worried about burnt stuff as well.

I even considered restarting but if 2 weeks is all it takes to lose it all then i seriously doubting myself.

Very down

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I’m sure you can get back into the groove of things and back to where you were, don’t give up!
I understand it feels like crap now but you can do it. :+1:

And I would recommend if possible do the reviews every day even on vacation. I understand people don’t want to necessarily have to think about that when vacationing but it might be a sacrifice you have to make because it will be worth it in the long run. It’s so easy to lose focus even after like 3-4 days of breaking a routine.
But of course it also depends on if you have internet access.

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I’m sure you’ll be back on track in a weeks time if you keep with it.
I’m at a lower level than you and I understand it gets harder, but I’ll try to give some advice.

I understand the blanking. When something comes up for guru to master, I sometimes find I’ve completely forgotten with how long it’s been since I’ve seen it.
Take your time.
Depending on what’s being shown, if it’s kanji, look at the radicals used. Try to think of what the story could be to connect those. If it’s combined kanji on a vocab, first work out what the kanji mean then think of what meaning having them together would form. If there is hiragana involved on a vocab, check for ‘u’ and ‘i’ at the end to differentiate verbs and adjectives.
Anything in-between on a verb, check if it’s a sound ending in ‘e’ for whether it effects an object. (unless it’s re). This is just a pattern I’m theorizing with at the moment though, so there could be discrepancies there.
Sometimes the longer meanings can mark you wrong if you put words the wrong way around too which is annoying. It can mean the exact same thing. Take the time to input into ‘user synonyms’.
example: to take out something/ to take something out. Only one would usually be accepted.

Take about 10 mins if you have to to contemplate it before giving in and letting it drop. Before you move to the next, check the meaning and reading and go back over the story. I usually get a “oh yeah, now I remember”.
Reading it all out loud or writing it down physically on paper helps it stick. More effort helps with learning. It’s a fact you can look up.
Then you can also come back in an hour or two and practice your mistakes before they come back in review.
I’d recommend not doing any new lessons until you are getting most right again.

Learning is tough. You make mistakes, you struggle. If it’s easy, you aren’t learning. Remaining consistent and getting back up when you fall, will lead to success.
Think about why you want to learn Japanese. Think of what you have achieved so far and what you can do now that you couldn’t do months ago. Rekindle that motivation. You can do this.


Meh i have reset. It suddenly struck me that if srs means the gaps are calculated roughly at the increasing gaps before you forget then i had a thousand items that srs says i should have forgotten (and considering my accuracy i have) and srs would probably drop all those to gjru 2 then lower before i started picking it up again.

So rather than face that (and the likely give up on the app entirely) i have pulled back. This will hopefully mean more success as i work back through burned items.

I wouldnt use vacation mode for that reason…

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