Getting into an arts or craft master's program in Japan

Hello fellow Wanikanians

Not sure I’m asking in the right place. Saw a similar-ish post and it made me think I should try to get some help as well.

I’m thinking doing a master’s in textiles and crafts in Japan. But I’m finding it hard to figure out what school, what program, to try. If there is any chance I can study in English. And I’m not even sure how to get in touch with potential professors as many of the university web sites I’ve seen don’t give email addresses with their faculty lists.

So, I live in Japan. I’ve been doing the English teaching thing for about 5 years. I’m not a very linguistics type person. I fell into this situation because I wanted to learn about Japanese arts and textiles. I have a degree in Fashion Design from Canada. And while studying I developed an interest in Japanese fashion and textiles. That became a big enough motivation to move here.

I feel completely derailed from my career path in the arts, having been an English teacher the last 5 years. So I really want to make a change. I believe one of the best ways to get back into an industry, meet a lot of great people, find inspiration and opportunities for collaboration and connect with a community of like minded people is through school.
So I’ve been looking at Master’s in textiles, crafts and arts in Japan. Most schools have an entrance exam in Japanese and the N2 JLPT level requirement.

My current Japanese level is either high N4 or low N3. I’ve never really formally studied the language and being an English teacher means I speak English with most people, coworkers, students etc. Looking at my options there are 1 1/2 and 2 year Japanese language programs that offer visa’s here. They are pretty expensive.
Master’s programs are also pretty expensive. I guess I am not as worried about figuring out the money since I feel very strongly about doing this and would be able to work part time while in school. But the possibility of getting financial help or scholarships would be so good.

I was wondering if any of you wonderful wanikani people have experience going to school in Japan, or could help me figure out how to get into a program.
Before anyone suggests it MEXT is not possible as I am “too old” to apply. And have been kicking myself for not applying when I still could.

thanks a lot


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