Get back on It

Doing my best.
Maybe I will use community less from now.

Don’t like toxic behaviour and personal insults.

Thanks a lot for believin’ :grin:

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Understandable. But also, feel free to pop into the POLL thread if you’re ever in need of help or company. We’re friendly I promise (I hope so anyway. I haven’t been there for a while :angry:)
I’m sorry people were so short with you. And of course, I look forward to hearing once you get out of your rut, if you decide to share it! :grin:


I’ve been lazy today and yesterday and will have 385 reviews by tomorrow morning :slightly_frowning_face:

Such is the WK life.


I admit I was a rude and I am sorry for that.
But I just can’t stand behavior like blaming everyone but yourself and refusing to even acknowledge responsibility for your own actions.

Still really disliking this kind of behavior doesn’t mean I can attack you for it. I am sorry.

Edit: Hope it is less offensive now.


This topic, coming back to a significant number of reviews and finding a way to deal with them, is something the team has been discussing and that’s something we’re hoping to come up with a solution with in the future to help people push through. I can definitely get that feeling of deflation coming back to several hundred reviews (I’ve been there, multiple times)

I unfortunately, even with the powers granted to me by the Crabigator and Koichi, do not have the magic bullet for making big review piles go away (believe me if I had it I would severely overuse it) but people here have shared some good advice on how to deal with them: Focus on doing reviews, hold off on doing lessons for a while, don’t do too many of them at once, and if you’re going to be away for a long period of time be sure to activate Vacation mode. I’d only recommend resetting down several levels as a last resort, see if you can push through first.


Why was this flagged?
There is no insult in this reply, it’s an apology. Calling people toxic and flagging their replies when they are not (at least in this reply), that’s toxic.


I’m really working on It.
I’m serious about japanese… sometimes stress can create bad situations or feelings and that’s just life.

My problem is that I had not even that minute to put “vacation” on. Yeah… seems strange, but can happen.

Still don’t want to surrender anyway :raised_hands:t2:


I did not flagged that anyway.
And nevertheless I called that answer toxic.
Had no time to read it.

I’ll repost this:

I believe that learning a new language is much closer to following a diet or going to the gym, rather than an intellectual activity. Being consistent is the key if you want to see results, it’s way more important to do a little bit of work every single day instead of great efforts every now and then. Just keep it up with your reviews, they will eventually decrease, I’m not sure about your stats but I’d say that having <200 items at “Apprentice” level is what you should aim for.

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The sensitive are given precedence over the sturdy, such is the way society is in these more modern times.

Actually, I think your response is a bit harsh. I mean if we were to look at the statistical evidence, WaniKani actually works for a very tiny percentage of people if we judge on the number who make it all the way through, or even to the higher levels.

And surely one of the metrics a teaching method is best judged on is how many people complete the course.

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Never wrote it was adapted to the majority, but I agree the tone of my replies in this thread is quite abrupt and I am sorry for that.


But there are new people all the time, and wanikani has especially grown this year I believe, or perhaps by the same amount every year. Until the influx of new learners comes to a halt and sufficient time given for those to complete the course has passed, then you can discuss whether or not it has been effective.

Fair enough. Then just look at overall numbers from the site’s inception. Tiny number up there at the top.

I’m not really dissing WaniKani. I have a lifetime membership after all. But it would be somewhat parochial to suggest that the teaching method itself is infallible. It isn’t for a number of reasons. WaniKani faults isn’t really the purpose of the thread so I won’t harp on about it. In summary, I like the method a lot - it’s been brilliant for me (although I reset from 16 to 1 because I fell away from it) but it’s just a teaching method among many and one that like all of them has its faults.

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Excluding the first four levels (which I think is a very fair thing to do, considering they’re free levels) you get this:

The number is not that small.


anyone who suggests that is daft, obviously no method comes without its flaws, even you know that, and you know that everyone else knows that. It works once you know how it works and therefore how to use it. It does what it does quite well.

But yes in the case of being flooded with reviews and being unable to clear them everyday is a problem since you’re just extending the intervals of those you don’t clear and ironically make them even harder to clear by the time you finally do get to them. The only way I can see of getting out of this is to do the lower srs intervals first and work your way up.

I don’t think that’s a metric you’ll be seeing on any promotional materials.

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I don’t know what sort of numbers you were expecting then

I was trying to lighten my criticism. In actual fact, I think WaniKani is a very good learning method. I don’t think it’s brilliant.

I mean… you understand that you would need to put the levels on top of each other right, to compare? So just at a glance, between level 5-21, you have about twenty five thousand users. At level sixty, you have less than one thousand. Levels 40-60 you have about what, two thousand? So to answer your question: more than that, really.

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