Genki textbook series

Ok so I got the Genki I series, looks quite interesting, however a few questions for ppl that use it

1.How do I correlate the textbook and the workbook? Starting now in the 1st lesson I can’t seem to find a correlation, I went through the greetings part and the making new friends part, and im looking at the workbook and theres nothing like that in it? Im confused? Shouldn’t they be correlated?

2.Why is everything written in hiragana, its honestly annoying, now that I know some kanji with wani kani its annoying that so many words I know in kanji are written in hiragana. I get that its for beginners but they could have kanjis added on top of the hiragana…


The workbook should coincide relatively well, but I think in the early chapters the workbook might teach a few extra things. Shouldn’t be a ton though- check to make sure you have the same edition of each and that you’re using Book I of the Genki series (not Book II)

Its only the early chapters, if I recall correctly after the 2nd chapter or so it switches to almost completely kanji/furigana


On the other hand, not including kanji so early in the first chapter or so means that beginners can focus on the grammar and vocab and not be overwhelmed with too many new things. :man_shrugging: But, it does have kanji in it. You just have to progress some.


Personally, I found the romaji more annoying than the lack of kanji. Fortunately, after the 2nd lesson, they remove the romaji and add kanji.


Would that be called 振り漢字? :thinking:




You will want to start on your workbook after you finish the practice section on your textbook.

As already mentioned you will quickly lose the hiragana. The book is designed for beginners so I dont find it too surprising that they start kanji off slow. It is a more intimidating factor for most people who are starting in the language.

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The first chapter has the loosest association

As others have said, after the first couple of chapters, kanji start appearing pretty quickly and all romaji disappears. The goal is just to ease new users into the kana. I think after chapter 3, it should be kanji + furigana

As for correlation, I would read through the first chapter in its entirety and then do the workbook - there is a specific workbook sheet on page 11 for greetings. After the first chapter, the correlation is pretty much on to one - for every grammar point, there will be a corresponding worksheet (appearing in the same order they appear in the book). I think the first one is the exception.

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